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Mystery terrorists release 300 mink

Two months before they were slated to be killed by fur farmers, 300 mink were liberated from an Oregon fur farm early Sunday morning. It was the first in two major actions against the northwest fur industry in two nights. 24 hours later, the Rocky Mountain Fur Co. would be set on fire in neighboring Idaho (read article here).

Early Sunday, fur farm owner Carl Salo contacted police and reported mink were running loose on his property. Police estimate the number at 300.

While overall mink farm liberations have declined since the late-1990s, they have surged in Oregon. This was the fourth mink liberation in Astoria alone in the past three years. In July 2010, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for setting fire to to several vehicles and a barn at the Ylipelto mink farm, also in Astoria.

No group has so far taken responsibility.

- Peter Young

Anti-fur group sets animals free at Knappa farm; investigation underway

September 26, 2011

Mystery terrorists release 300 mink


The Daily Asorian Daily Astorian

KNAPPA -- An estimated 300 mink were released on a farm in Knappa just after 1 a.m. Sunday.

Clatsop County Sheriff's deputies are on high alert for suspected 'unknown animal rights terrorists,' who have a record of striking this time of year.

Deputies responded to the call in the early hours of Sunday morning from a farmer, Carl Salo. He reported that his alarm was going off and at least 100 mink were on the loose on Conroy Road.

Officers estimate approximately 300 of the animals were running wild.
The farmer, with help from friends and neighbors and eventually officers, rounded up all but 40 of the animals.

A criminal mischief investigation is under way.

No groups have claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the Sheriff's office. But Sgt. Alan Palmrose said September and October seem to be months anti-fur groups hit mink farms, releasing and causing as much damage as possible.

In 2010, a mink farm located near Lebanon had its security camera stolen. No mink were released. Washington had a mink farm attack in September 2010, however, the majority of the mink were recaptured.

In 2009, the Ylipelto Mink Farm, near Astoria, had 300 mink released and no group claimed responsibility.

In 2008, four different mink farms were hit with several hundred mink released over the course of the crimes.

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