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Camille Marino Defies Ban, Stages Civil Disobedience at WSU, Refuses To Be Silenced!

[Detroit Free Press]

May 2, 2012

Animal rights activist Camille Marino was arrested this afternoon after chaining herself to Wayne State University's undergraduate library in protest of her ban from campus.

Marino, of Wildwood, Fla., was banned from campus last fall after writing graphic blog posts about WSU medical school professor and researcher Donal O'Leary and his research on dogs.

O'Leary received a personal protection order from Wayne County courts ordering Marino to take down his home address and phone number from her blog posts.

Marino was due in court today to challenge the order, but that hearing was delayed while she switched attorneys. She has been arguing her posts are protected speech.

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Camille Marino Defies Ban, Stages Civil Disobedience at WSU, Refuses To Be Silenced!

by NIO Michigan, May 2, 2012

A campaign against Canine Killer Donal O'Leary has just kicked off on the Wayne State University campus where a protest is in progress at the Gullen Mall.

O'Leary is a "researcher" who buys dogs that have been rescued by pounds through Class B dealers and proceeds to mercilessly torture them to death. We are currently working on getting the Wayne County District Attorney to file criminal animal abuse charges against him.

In October, this vivisecting parasite had the courts issue him a Personal Protection Order against Camille Marino to compel her to remove his information from the NIO website and thereby surrender her First Amendment Rights. Marino was vocal in her disgust for him and, apparently, the judge in the case -- who happens to be a Wayne State alum (!) -- conspired with O'Leary to silence her. In conjunction with the PPO, Wayne State banned Camille from campus.

Please note that until they had her arrested at a University of Florida protest on February 4, jailed for a month, and extradited to Detroit in early March, she had never set foot in the state of Michigan. She has since been out on bond awaiting trial on June 18 where she will challenge three counts of criminal contempt. Her attorneys, Matt Savich and Michael Cafferty, will argue that the PPO was issued in violation of Marino's First Amendment rights because her speech in question is Constitutionally-protected.

Queenie was tortured to death by Donal O'Leary

For Queenie (and the hundreds of other dogs tortured and betrayed by Wayne State University)

In conjunction with our protest, Camille made a surprise appearance on the WS campus today and locked herself down to a building in bold violation of her bond and in active defiance of the Wayne State ban and the PPO. O'Leary has afforded her a degree of media attention and we all intend to fully exploit it and direct it squarely back at his blood-soaked visage and sociopathic "science." Abusers fear exposure and we are all more than happy to provide it.

In a statement issued moments ago regarding her lockdown and rejection of a court order to stay off WSU campus, meaning probable imprisonment in Detroit until her court date six weeks away, Marino said:

"I am wholly aware of what I am doing and the potential consequences of my defiant actions. I enthusiastically assume whatever risk is necessary to tear down the walls of secrecy behind which abusers murder in peaceful anonymity. It's time for activists to rise up and bring the war to the enemy's doorsteps. It is time to disobey and defy unjust laws and stop tolerating the intolerable. It's time to put words into action and our freedom and bodies on the line."

When we are repressed and silenced, the only response is to escalate our struggle and to get louder. O'Leary wanted our attention and now he's got it, along with more scrutiny and criticism of his heinous "research" than ever before.


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