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Logan Students Protest KFC

Gretchen Roberts

March 2008

LOGAN - Young people armed with signs, fliers and a belief that KFC contributes to animal cruelty stood on the sidewalk just outside of the restaurant Thursday afternoon.

Photo by Gretchen Roberts/The Logan Daily News

Young people stood in front of KFC Thursday afternoon, protesting against Yum's factory, the company which provides KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's with their chicken. From left -- Amber Shahan, Tabitha McCloud and Jennifer Dingess. Not pictured is Jennifer Dingess.

"We don't want to put these people out of business, but they need to buy from a more humane place," said Ariel Webb as she boldly displayed her sign labeled "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" along Mulberry Street.

The group, called PHEAR (People for Human, Environmental and Animal Rights) gathered to dispute Yum, a food company which services A & W, Long John Silver's, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell with quick-service seafood, poultry, pizza and Mexican-style food.

According to the group, Yum is a big proponent of animal cruelty, especially at places termed "chicken factories." "The workers throw the chickens against the walls," one noted.

"They keep 50 or 60 chickens in these small little cages, and then they give them so many antibiotics that they eventually can't even support their own weight and can't even walk," another said.

"They have a right to protest and they're young kids expressing themselves. Our biggest concern is them not getting hurt," said Steve Harden, owner of KFC.

"I just hope someday they are passionate about other issues, like government affairs and the economy we're in right now. I just got back from Jamaica on a missionary trip, and we are very fortunate here in the U.S.," Harden added.

KFC is a sponsor of several local school events, and when asked if this protest would stop their contributions, manager Jeff Sharb said, "What we give to the school is separate. The school didn't endorse it, and this won't affect that."

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