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False Shelter Reports from Los Angeles

One of the reasons for Ed Boks' fraudulent reputation in the national sheltering community is his dubious spending on utterly shady ventures instead of on the programs, policies and protocols needed to save animals' lives.

Case in point: the reports of unaccounted for and unjustified spending sprees which left the Maricopa AZ shelter system bankrupt to the tune of over 6 million dollars. ADL-LA reported this - along with other claims regarding Ed Boks and his history of corruption and mismanagement at both the Maricopa and New York City shelter systems - way back when Boks was first appointed as General Manager in Los Angeles by Villaraigosa and his cronies. The Mayor's Office would have known Boks' disreputable history had they bothered to budge their bums to check his previous work record. If they had, it was noted that he was asked to leave Maricopa both because the killing had not decreased one iota and the shelter was so financially devastated with Boks at the helm that the employees were walking the dogs with rope due to the lack of money to purchase leashes.

Everyone within the national progressive sheltering community knows about Ed Boks' atrocious history of overseeing animal shelter systems, but Villaraigosa and his sidekicks still appointed him - because of the promise (which never materialized) of beaucoup bucks for Villaraigosa's future gubernatorial run..

Now, Boks is demanding a raise for himself and his TWO assistant General Managers - yet, he is cutting adoption hours, refusing to open a new shelter for adoptions, and asking LAAS employees to take time off! Ed Boks is not only a liar; fraud; and animal killer, but also a corrupt and immoral dissembler allowed to persevere in his crimes against the public and animals because Antonio Villaraigosa and his staff refuse to honor their pledge to hire No Kill Solutions to get LA on the road to No Kill.

ADL-LA is making a renewed effort and asking you to do your part in getting rid of this piece of scum heading up our animal shelters. Please e-mail the contacts at the bottom of this post and let them know that you will not stand for anything less than the City's bringing in experts who will implement NO KILL EQUATIONS - which is saving hundreds of thousands of lives in other municipal shelters around the country.

Info below taken from an article regarding the Fiscal Audit of LAAS


Los Angeles - The Department of Animal Services' fiscal operations is struggling with lax collection efforts, undocumented spending, and haphazard contracting practices according to an audit released by City Controller Laura Chick.

"My report also revealed that the Department's spending and contracting operations are haphazard and lack needed oversight. Thousands of dollars of charges made on purchasing cards had no requisite support information as to why the expenditures were made. Contracts were awarded with little transparency, lacking crucial documentation, and at times were executed without the required signatures of the City Attorney or City Clerk," said Chick

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