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Anti-Fur Trade Protest - L.A. Chinatown - 02/12/06

Well, my buddy Scott just got back, all excited from the anti-fur demo in Chinatown. He even wore a shirt with me on it! (Yeah, the pumpkin thing - *shudder* I still have bad dreams ...) Anyway, he says it was successful, and he even got to lead the march through the streets of Chinatown! Bill Dyer, the organizer, pressed Scott into service, since Scott showed up at the same time as him. Enough about him - lol. The word got spread ... and LOUDLY! They went into shops and handed out warnings to the shop owners in Chinese ($10,000 fine for selling dog fur) Many were very receptive, and genuinely seemed to not know, and were happy to be informed.

Scott gave me these pics to show you guys some of the faces from the protest. Yay!

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The Gateway to L.A.'s Chinatown



My buddy Elle giving an interview to Current TV (the station Al Gore started)

Elle's doggie (The little guy we're fighting for!)

My buddy Scott with organizer, Bill Dyer