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LAAS Mobile Demo Wrap, November 2007

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Los Angeles - With a legal observer in tow, animal rights activists convened to conduct two mobile demonstrations on behalf of the tens of thousands of healthy, treatable, adoptable companion animals and wildlife slaughtered by two-time loser General Manager Ed Boks fired from New York City and asked to leave Maricopa County, Arizona. It seems Boks' latest strategy is to allow animals to die while imprisoned inside LAAS from willfully untreated injuries and illnesses and thus be excluded from the kill stats. In a recent report, Boks admitted that there has been a 94% increase in the death rates of animals "in the care of LAAS and foster caregivers." Notice how he contemptibly passes the buck onto rescuers who provide foster care! Besides, the increase in these deaths is actually closer to 300% - since he oh-so-conveniently neglects to include bunnies and other animals in the tally.

So, first on the demo circuit was Ed Boks. Activists marched around the block, chanting and educating the neighbors about exactly what is transpiring in the shelters and how their hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being squandered to execute beautiful animals just like the ones who share their yards and beds. There was the usual mix of people who were curious about and sympathetic to the cause and those whose only concern was that activists were interrupting their favorite afternoon sitcoms. Well, we know that for most humans the measure of the radius of their circle of compassion is the length of their own selfish noses.

Next up was the neighborhood of Samuel Blackman. He is the father of Jimmy Blackman, Deputy to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Tony thought that by hiring Ed Boks he would receive a multi-million dollar grant for a future gubernatorial run from Boks' mega-rich friend Gary Michelson. It didn't pan out, but Tony and his staff continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear on the animals unceremoniously suffering and dying in the murderous clutches of General Manager Ed Boks. Cooking the books; lying; and allowing animals to go untreated at LAAS just so that they can die on their own and be omitted from the "euth" stats is how Boks makes his disingenuous claims that he is moving the municipal shelters along the path to no kill.

In reality, he collects $165,000 a year to booze, blog, chase the babes, and murder multiple thousands of innocent animals - all of which continues to be acceptable to Mayor Villaraigosa, who stood so sincerely (pre-election) before the Humane Community Convention with charming anecdotes about his own dog and vows of unwavering support for Los Angeles' less fortunate homeless and lost shelter animals. Well, one lying and philandering animal abuser will always protect another!

Vowing never to back down until the killing stops, activists departed.

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