September 16, 2007

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Los Angeles - Animal rights activists came together for a few mobile demonstrations against vivisection and two of its most egregious purveyors - UCLA and HLS. The University of California at Los Angeles is under fire for its horrific primate experimentation. Most notable is Arthur Rosenbaum, who is purporting to study strabismus - a usually mild and self-limiting condition for which a simple operation was known and in use at least six decades ago. Rosenbaum takes fully-conscious primates, restrains them in draconian head-clamping devices, injects paralytic Botox into their eye musculature, and glues metal coils onto the sclera to track movement of the enervated muscles. see

Huntingdon Life Sciences is a product-testing laboratory and the target of a global campaign across twenty-one countries. HLS poisons to death 500 animals a day with household cleaners and agrochemicals whose manufacturers want to fast-track to market drugs, detergents, and pesticides with no concern about their effects on the environment or any of its inhabitants. See  and 

First up on the protest agenda was the aforementioned Herr Rosenbaum - at 465 Loring Ave. - who tortures primates in order to justify his cut from the 22 million dollars UCLA receives each year in NIH taxpayer funding. Arthur laughs all the way to the ATM machine as he laps at the government grant gravy train whose endless and ever-flowing NIH spigot provides him with his fancy home. The NIH itself admits that animal experimentation produces results from only 5-25% of the time, and we note that getting rid of vivisection and simply tossing a coin would yield much better odds for success (50%). It would likely reduce many of the tens of thousands of injuries and deaths from untoward drug reactions and produce cures whose absence has been blatantly apparent for decades.

We believe that Arthur may be suffering from the condition known as "ecumenical execrable erectile dysfunction" - aka 'Triple ED' - a frequent syndrome accompanying irremediable psychopathology that renders the male reproductive organ severely dysfunctional. The only way the afflicted can achieve the necessary - how shall we put this to polite society? - performance turgidity is by inducing a sufficiently elevated arousal gradient to overcome the associated qualitative deficits. One way this can be accomplished is by torturing and murdering animals.

UCLA campus police were on hand to attempt to ensure that activists' freedom of speech was adequately chilled - but they did not arrive in time. The demonstration had already been going on for quite a while with neighbors thoroughly educated about vivisection in general and what Rosenbaum does in particular. Captain Adams, an unscrupulous and corrupt gendarme with the UCLA Police Department, even had the nerve to threaten the legal observer stating that he would arrest any activists for simply using their natural voices to offer information to the neighborhood. His orders as always, are a clear violation of First Amendment rights into which the legal representative will look. Captain Adams was visibly upset as he dangerously raced down the street, screeched on his breaks, and barreled from his vehicle with hands shaking and brandishing handcuffs (which, of course, he never had the grounds or opportunity to use) This guy acts like a caricature from some B- rated police comedy!

The second venue was the home - at 1661 Paseo La Cresta - of Farajollah Mahjoor, CEO of the company (Phenomenex) that provides crucial laboratory equipment to HLS. Fasha's mansion overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean is worth millions and symbolizes his love of Christmas colors - red for the blood of the animals he murders and green for the money he makes doing so. All the activists agreed that they would much rather live in their more humble abodes and know that their livelihoods are not earned through the torture and murder of other sentient beings. It seems that there had been another demonstration at Fasha's home earlier on - so, he was treated to two of them in one day. Looks like the pressure on Farajollah to sever his ties with HLS is increasing with the steady legal demonstrations, as well as the ALF's participation to step the campaign up a notch by destroying windows and painting notes on a building owned by Mahjoor).

The last location was the home - at 20 Santa Catalina Drive - of Flora Sadeghi, Farajollah's sister and CFO of Phenomenex. With the Mahjoors, employment with Phenomenex and animal torture is a phamily aphair. One neighbor emerged from his dwelling irate that information coming from activists was disturbing his Sunday repose - but he backed off when approached by the legal representative who explained that these were simply individuals exercising their First Amendment rights. (It is actually a misdemeanor to interfere!) Activists enlightened the neighbors about what Phenomenex does and the incorrigible animal abuser living amongst them.

Satisfied that the messages about vivisection and the people involved had been effectively presented, the activists called it a day and departed for their homes and apartments a little less pretentious but purchased or rented without the assistance of money gleaned via grievous animal abuse.

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