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Please let Rushville's Mayor Robert Bridges, know where you stand. Tell Mayor Bridges that the world is watching. E-mail him at: mayor@cityofrushvil Telephone him at (765)932-3735. Offer solutions and encourage change. Demand that pound assistant Jamie Glandon stay re-instated at the Rushville Animal Shelter, without harassment or fear of reprisal. Without intervention, there is grave concern about how this chapter will end for companion animals interred at the Rushville Animal Shelter. Please read and sign the petition at: http://www.thepetit 1/gabby-was- euthanized- lived-four- days-in-a- freezer.

We attended the City Council Meeting last night in Rushville, in a "Silent Protest; We Stand United". Ten of us were present, all wearing our purple "Reform the Rushville Pound, Justice for Jamie and Gabby" sweatshirts.

The Shelter was not on the agenda, so we weren't expecting an opportunity to address the Mayor/Council. It was important to reinforce the fact that we are not going away, and I think our presence did that. That message was made more clear by our show, since the City tried to thwart us by canceling the regularly scheduled meeting, unannounced, two nights earlier.

This was the last Council Meeting held by Mayor Bridges, on January 1 the new Mayor, Merv Bostic takes office. It is disheartening that the issues surrounding the Shelter have NEVER been on the agenda. Rushville's bogus investigation and findings have never been discussed at a public meeting. This tells me that the administration is not taking seriously the atrocities taking place at their shelter. It has been swept under the rug.

The meeting was full of "ole boy's club" back slapping and high fiving. Before the meeting adjourned, since all but one of the current Council were voted off, there was much congratulating each other on what fine jobs were done by all. It was disgusting, and I had to bite my tongue. Minutes before it was all over I stood up and walked out, right down the center aisle.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot a Rushville Police cruiser drove up from behind us with lights and sirens flashing. I believe it was another intimidation tactic, just like what happened two nights previous, when a police cruiser made their presence known behind us, as we were leaving town.

We can't let this issue lose momentum. The Mayor and City are taking notice of all the phone calls and emails. The Mayor makes a point of bringing it up every time he talks to Jamie. We can't let up on the pressure. They have to know that we stand for SHELTER REFORM and we will not go away until valid and lasting change is implemented.

Awareness is the first step to resolving a problem. So far the City has refused to acknowledge that they have a problem. Instead, they "investigate" themselves and conclude that Gabby didn't even exist, this was all a lie. They did not bother to interview the list of witnesses Jamie provided, nor after all their screaming for Gabby to be brought back, did they take Jamie up on the offer (under conditions) when it was made to the City. The City never even made public they received such a letter, so it goes down in history as "Jamie refused to provide the dog".

Indy Humane's offer to temporarily take the Rushville Shelter animals would have been a strong message, had it been coupled with the condition that the City delve into addressing the real issues. Without that, it appears that they are only assisting in taking the heat off Mayor Bridges.

Please help us keep the pressure on, continue to email the Mayor and remind him that the world is STILL watching.



We met in Rushville last night, Dec. 18th to show support for Jamie and shelter reform at the City Council Meeting. This was a PUBLIC meeting, regularly scheduled. As the start time approached and we were the only people there we began to wonder what was going on. Here the Mayor canceled the meeting WITHOUT NOTICE! We later found out that certain people, members of the good ol boys club got a note advising them of the change. I do not think this is legal. The police were following us as we left town.

The meeting is rescheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, Dec. 20 at 5:30 in Council Chambers located behind the police department. We will be there, will the Mayor??

Here we are in Rushville Monday night, for Rally for Reason II. It was cold, about 23 degrees, we rallied from 5pm-7pm. I've got a video clip coming up next. Thanks so much for the banner everyone, it really showed up great!


December 10 update: Jack Hill the Dog Warden in Rushville Indiana has apparently been reinstated and is now working for the cities street department. This is essentially a promotion because that's where Jack wanted to work anyway. We were hearing rumors as early as last Monday that Mr. Hill was back at work. This was the day that we had rallied in Rushville. Rumors were confirmed today by a very reliable source that Mr. Hill was seen driving a city truck. Although there has been no official announcement from the city.

Jamie Glandon had went to the shelter to retrieve some of her personal belongs and Mayor Bridges just happened to be there. He would not allow Jamie into the shelter. Jamie also stated that you could smell the stench of urine and feces as soon as she got out of her vehicle.

Meet Gabby. Gabby is a 4 month old mastiff/shepherd mix. Unfortunately this little girl wasn't adopted at the Rushville Indiana animal shelter and was euthanized by a cruel stick to the heart done with a hypodermic needle. Four days later the shelter assistant went to the walk in freezer to place another animal in there that had been hit by a car. Imagine the surprise she got when this little puppy popped her head up out of a barrel! Gabby had been under dosed and lay covered for four days in freezing temperatures under the bodies of other dead animals. Shelter worker, Jamie Glandon, was instructed by the Mayor Bob Bridges to take Gabby to the local vet and have her put to sleep the proper way. Jamie refused and took Gabby to a vet for medical care instead and she was then placed in rescue.

Jamie Glandon

Jamies' courageous decision has resulted in her being placed on administrative leave and forbidden to go near the shelter or be involved in shelter business. The city who looked upon this dog as "trash" is now being demanded back as evidence!! Jamie faces losing her job and is being treated as a criminal for her act of bravery and compassion.

For news video and complete details of what's been happening please visit this site:

For The Love of the Dog

Note From Jamie

Hello all,
Jamie Glandon here. I justed wanted to say thank you all very much for your concern for Gabby. It means so much to me to know there are people out there who would have done the same thing and will continue to fight the good fight. Your prayers and encouraging e-mails have really kept me going through all of this. If there is ever anything I can do for any of you please send me an e-mail by clicking on the email link below. Gabby is doing wonderful in her foster home. She is really coming along and learning how to be a puppy. She is being shown love and compassion and I can assure you she is in the hands of wonderful people. Please continue to say a prayer for her as we aren't out of the woods yet.

With Kindest Regards,

Rescue Coordinator

I would like to comment on Mayor Bridges statement made to Channel 13 news on Dec. 3, 2007 in defense of Jamie since she is unable to reply herself.

Mayor Bridges says, " He's not sure about the failed euthanasia cases from the summer" I'm sorry Mayor but you are lying. This was brought to your attention at least twice before that I know of. You assured Jamie that this matter would be looked into and the proper steps would be taken to make sure this didn't happen again. And can you tell us why you were looking at the ground and fumbling with your words during this interview? Your suppose to be a Mayor of an entire city, why do you stumble when you speak?

Mayor Bridges also says, "Mr. Hill basically doesn't have a malicious bone in his body and would not do anything intentional to harm an animal." The Mayor defends the shelter director, and says outside vets have "never seen a malicious act come out of our animal shelter." Again Mr. Mayor how many animals has Jack taken to the vet in the last 8 years compared to the number that Jamie has taken in the past three months? Nobody is accusing Jack of being malicious but when your procedures aren't working, and there is no effort to change, apathy is not an excuse for these animals suffering needlessly.

Rally in Rushville

Rushville Rescue Rally Rocks! Rushville Reeling!

More news may be found at Please scroll ALL the way down on the website to see photos from the noon mini-rally in Rushville on December 4th.

The attached video is from the larger night rally and from the Rushville City Council Meeting. Special thanks to all the rescuers who drove long distances to attend these important events, and to the residents of Rushville who voiced support. Many businesses in Rushville support justice for Gabby and justice for Jamie Glandon, and they showed their hospitality to rally participants. Also, a special thank you to the many police officers and sheriff's deputies who gave us the 'thumbs-up' shows of support as they drove by the Rushville Courthouse.

Animal rescue organizations from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Georgia, along with Rush County concerned residents will continue to fight the good fight until justice is done in Rushville, Indiana, and the pound is reformed. More rallies may be planned. Rushville's legacy could be one of sincere and revolutionary change if city leaders would embrace this situation as an opportunity. As the situation stands currently, Rushville's legacy is none other than one of shame. Please let the mayor of Rushville, Mayor Robert Bridges, know how you stand on this matter. He may be e-mailed at: Telephone him at (765)932-3735. Offer solutions and encourage change. Ask that Pound Assistant Jamie Glandon be re-instated without delay. Please. It's for the animals. "Be Loud and Stand Proud". Sign the petition at

The Chicago Tribune caried the story December 7th, calling Gabby the "Undead Puppy". Examine the story at:

More video coverage is available at: 
For all of the dogs like Gabby, and for all of the responsible pound personnel like Jamie Glandon, please support your local animal shelter or rescue group. Tirelessly encourage people to spay and neuter their pets. Volunteer. Make a difference!

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