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Wave of Sabotage Reported at Iowa Factory Farms

Wave of Sabotage Reported at Iowa Factory Farms

Trade group offers $7,500 reward for information in sabotage at multiple farms
Voice of the Voiceless

Peter Young
February 27, 2011

Police have reported a rash of sabotage actions against pig and turkey farms across northeastern Iowa. Damage is described as 'considerable'. Neither the Animal Liberation Front nor other clandestine animal liberation group has yet claimed responsibility.

The actions are described as occurring at 'multiple' farms in three counties. Three pig factory farms were vandalized in Chickasaw and Fayette Counties. One turkey factory farm in Bremer County was also targeted. One of the sabotaged farms was 5 miles northwest of New Hampton, site of the largest Animal Liberation Front mink liberation in U.S. history.

The sabotage included damaged office equipment and broken windows. Police have not ruled out the actions could be merely apolitical vandalism. However if there was no danger of animal's being harmed in the action, factory farms would be a likely A.L.F. target and these attacks would fit the model of an Animal Liberation Front action.

Police are advising farms to be vigilant in monitoring their farms, and call police if they notice suspicious vehicles.

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