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Mysterious Fire Destroys University Horse Research Lab

From Voice of the Voiceless

Unexplained fire at Colorado State University completely destroys laboratory
At 1am on July 26th, a fire was reported at the "Equine Reproduction Laboratory", with 20-foot tall flames engulfing the building. The fire completely destroyed the facility, and damages are estimated at $9 million. The lab was described as a "total loss".

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The FBI has joined local investigators in trying to determine if the fire was deliberately set. As of this writing, neither the Animal Liberation Front nor other clandestine animal liberation group has claimed responsibility.

The lab is considered one of the country's leading horse reproduction research labs, performing work to benefit the horse racing and horse breeding industries. The lab is described as "world-renown for its ground-breaking research."

View a slideshow showing the destroyed laboratory here.

This lab would be a legitimate ALF target. I will post all updates on this as yet unexplained fire as I received them.

- Peter Young

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