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Athens, Georgia, USA animal shelter may be closing, seeks homes for pets and financial support

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Bogart, GA, December 5, 2013– It’s with a heavy heart that we announce we no longer have the funds to continue our rescue efforts. The property in which we are currently located has been sold and we do not have the funds to move, again. We are in desperate need of your support to aid us in our efforts to save the dogs. Our top priority is finding homes for the dogs currently in our shelter… we do not have the heart to put the dogs back in the facilities that are overflowing with dogs that need to be rescued. The property being sold is only the icing on the cake, because we are barely surviving as it is. We have many other expenses like Vet Bills and Utility costs that still need to be paid regardless of having to move or close. It’s a miracle we have survived this long on the shoestring budget we have, but everything is catching up with us and we are out of string and luck it seems.

Petzone Dog Rescue was founded over 5 years ago and the battle to save the dogs has been a never ending fight. We have barely survived by the skin of our teeth and unless major financial support is found, we have no way to survive another storm! We would like to thank all of our loyal supporters for your efforts, word of mouth, donations, dog food, thrift shop donations and time spent volunteering. Now we need your help more than ever to spread the word that this is the last chance to save Petzone! We pray for all the dogs that we are not going to be able to save if we must close our doors, so please help spread the word. Our Rescue has been a safe-haven for many unadoptable dogs, as many of our dogs have been with us for more than a year. We saved many dogs, and if our calculations are correct, we have saved on average 1 dog per day, for every day that we have has been open the whole 5 years, now you do the math!!! We would love to continue our efforts, but without financial support we will not survive through the end of the year.

To top everything off, the recent storms have destroyed much of our outside enclosures, intake areas and canopies. We have no funds to fix these things or any of our other outdated and overused equipment. It saddens us to know that we are one of the only No-Kill Shelters in the Athens Area, especially for dogs. We also have an Affordable Spay/Neuter Pet Wellness Clinic, which serves the area. Our locations also hosts an Adoption Center, Grooming services and a Thrift store!

We are currently undergoing a change in Management in hopes to save Petzone and all the dogs that will lose their lives if we cannot! Please keep us in your thoughts, spread the word and show your support any way you can.
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