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ARAs Descend on Rushville: "Justice for Gabby"

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December 04, 2007

Elizabeth Gist
Staff Writer

It may have been 34 degrees outside, but that didn�t hinder a handful of individuals from making their voices heard outside the Rush County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon.

Several animal rights advocates marched on the courthouse square Tuesday, protesting the treatment of animals at the Rushville Animal Shelter.

Protesters gathered on behalf of Gabby, the dog from the Rushville Animal Shelter who was found alive in a freezer four days after she was allegedly euthanized, as well as for Jamie Glandon, the assistant animal control officer who blew the whistle on her own shelter and has since been suspended with pay until the completion of an investigation conducted by the City of Rushville.

Representatives from Adopt-A-Dog, Inc., who read about the situation on the Internet, came to show their support for both human and puppy, as well as for all animals at the Rushville Shelter who have been mistreated or miseuthanized.

"I'm here to help change the way things work in Rushville for the animals," protester Taylor Priest said. He carried a sign that read, "Welcome to Rushville. We kill animals here, just not very well."

"I heard about it on the Internet, and I was angry and distraught. Something needed to be done. I hope the mayor takes advantage of the help being offered to him by rescues everywhere in order to reform the way dogs are treated at the hands of this shelter."


"Why don't they have rules in place already about euthanization?" Adopt-a-Dog representative Tiffany Gabbard asked. "And now, the poor girl trying to make a change is being crucified. This isn't about who makes what look bad, this is about the animals at that shelter and the changes that need to be made."


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