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Home of Wisconsin Fur Auction Executive Flooded by the ALF

Home of Wisconsin Fur Auction Executive Flooded by the ALF
VP at North American Fur Auctions has his house sabotaged.

By Peter Young
Animal Liberation Frontline
Aug 31, 2013

This week, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for "completely flooding" the home of an executive at North American Fur Auctions. According to the communique received by Bite Back, Vice President for "wild fur" Brian MacMillan had a running garden hose inserted in his window Sunday morning. The extent of the damage is not known.

NAFA: A significant target

North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) operates the largest fur auction house in North American, located in Toronto. It also operates a major fur grading and processing facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin; processing the majority of pelts from US fur farms. The operation is in an unassuming building along railroad tracks in an industrial park, giving no indication of its significance to the US fur industry.

In addition to animals from fur farms, North American Fur Auctions sells millions of "wild fur" pelts, i.e. animals trapped in the wild. In 2011, it sold 5.3 million mink alone. Other wild-caught animal pelts they sell include beaver, bobcat, lynx, coyote, and many more. The target of this latest ALF action was the head of the trapped animal division.

Last year, the re-launched Coalition Against Fur Farms posted a list of other key employees at the company.

North American Fur Auction’s processing facility in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

 Foreshadowing: NAFA speaks out on the ALF last month

The company recently found itself the subject of a newspaper article in Wisconsin, after the ALF released the latest edition of The Final Nail, which included the address for the NAFA plant in Stoughton. When asked about the threat to its business posed by the ALF, a NAFA spokesperson said:

"[Animal Liberation Front actions are] something that you have to be vigilant about… The Animal Liberation Front are extremists. Their whole purpose in life is to destroy the industry. They encourage criminal acts. They encourage people to break into farms."

At that time, the company had never been targeted by the ALF. They have now.

The full Animal Liberation Front communique reads, in full:

"Around 7:00am on August 26, a cell of the Animal Liberation Front entered the back yard of Brian L. MacMillan, 1245 Mockingbird Lane in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Brian is the Vice President of Wild Fur Operations at North American Fur Auctions, the largest fur auction house in North America. Brian is a terrorist who deals in the skins of wild animals tortured and killed in steel-jaw leghold traps. The counter-terrorists of the Animal Liberation Front broke his double paned window, and inserted his own garden hose; completely flooding his home.

Most people would be amazed at the sight of a bobcat, a creature so majestic and free. Brian’s empty heart sees only profit.

There is no doubt Brian and NAFA will attempt to portray themselves as victims. They have the audacity to call us terrorists, when every penny they have made is at the torture and subjugation of what is wild and free. All who contribute to industries of earth and animal destruction shall take note. There is a higher law.

Animal Liberation Front"

[Press Office note: Imprisoned in cages for life, or mercilessly trapped with painful leghold traps in the wild, fur-bearing animals killed to make unnecessary fashion statements are forced to endure intensive confinement, compared to the miles of territory these still-wild animals would enjoy in their natural state. The natural instincts of these captive animals are completely frustrated; self-mutilation, sickness, infection, poor sanitation and the sheer stress of confinement lead animals in captivity to premature death. When they survive, animals of sufficient size are killed by anal electrocution or gassing, then skinned. In addition to liberating the wild animals destined for a certain, painful and agonizing death, another goal of liberationists is to cause economic damage to fur retailers and farms; dozens of stores and fur farming operations have seen economic ruin since "Operation Bite Back" began by the Animal Liberation Front in the 1990s.

The Animal Liberation Front utilizes economic sabotage in addition to the direct liberation of animals from conditions of abuse and imprisonment to halt needless animal suffering. By making it more expensive to trade in the lives of innocent, sentient beings, the ALF maintain the atrocities against our brothers and sisters are likely to occur in smaller numbers; their goal is to abolish the exploitation, imprisonment, torture and killing of innocent, non-human animals.]

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