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ARAs Protest Dartmouth Vivisection

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A small group of animal rights activists from Concord set up shop at the edge of the Dartmouth College Green yesterday, holding signs objecting to the use of monkeys by a college professor whose brain research includes tests on the primates.

Four protesters from the New Hampshire Animal Rights League timed their demonstration to coincide with what the national group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) has declared "national primate liberation week."

"It's important to let everyone know what's going on at Dartmouth," said Linda Dionne, president of the New Hampshire group.

Dionne's group doesn't condone research testing on any animal species, she said.

A student organization concerned with the treatment of animals - the Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group, or DAWG - declined to participate in the low-key demonstration, Dionne said, not wanting to sour its relationship with a college committee that oversees the care and use of animals in research and teaching.


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