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Furs by Graf Heavily Targeted by Activists

San Diego Fur Shop, Owner, Manager's Residences Sabotaged by ALF
Furs by Graf Heavily Targeted by Activists

July 21, 2013
Received Anonymously:

In the early morning hours of July 16, 2013, anarchists in San Diego took action on behalf of the millions of fur-bearing animals who are trapped, enslaved, and killed to sustain the global fur industry

We first visited Furs By Graf at 7670 Claremont Mesa Boulevard in the Claremont neighborhood. Every single piece of plate glass on this hideous enterprise was soaked in glass etching solution. The exterior of the store was covered in red spray painted slogans. Bottles of foul smelling butyric acid were sprayed into the interior, leaving this place of commerce smelling like death; identical to the odor present on every fur farm. We hope this is a costly clean up, and serves to drive away all patronage.

We then hiked to owner Ludi Graf's home, at 9589 Upland Street in Spring Valley. His home was given the same treatment. We paint stripped his luxury winnebago parked in the driveway. Slogans were painted in blood red on his garage and the winnebago. The windows of the winnebago were etched. The remainder of the etching solution was applied to the windows of his home. Concrete destroying muriatic acid was poured on his driveway.

It was another short hike to manager Kimberley Graf's home at 3674 Birdie Drive in La Mesa. Her luxury pickup truck was painted red and soaked in paint stripper. All windshields and windows on the truck were smeared with etching solution. We covered her house and driveway in spray paint. Muriatic acid was dumped on the porch.

These actions were taken to vocalize the cries of the millions of wild beings yearning for freedom. This is in vain unless it inspires others to liberate and sabotage. Every fur farm prisoner deserves a jail break.

In solidarity with our comrades fighting in Vancouver,
Animal Liberation Front

[Press Office note: Imprisoned in cages for life, or mercilessly trapped with painful leghold traps in the wild,  fur-bearing animals killed to make unnecessary fashion statements are forced to endure intensive confinement, compared to the miles of territory these still-wild animals would enjoy in their natural state. The natural instincts of these captive animals are completely frustrated; self-mutilation, sickness, infection, poor sanitation and the sheer stress of confinement lead animals in captivity to premature death. When they survive, animals of sufficient size are killed by anal electrocution or gassing, then skinned. In addition to liberating the wild animals destined for a certain, painful and agonizing death, another goal of liberationists is to cause economic damage to fur retailers and farms; dozens of stores and fur farming operations have seen economic ruin since "Operation Bite Back" began by the Animal Liberation Front in the 1990s.

The Animal Liberation Front utilizes economic sabotage in addition to the direct liberation of animals from conditions of abuse and imprisonment to halt needless animal suffering. By making it more expensive to trade in the lives of innocent, sentient beings, the ALF maintain the atrocities against our brothers and sisters are likely to occur in smaller numbers; their goal is to abolish the exploitation, imprisonment, torture and killing of innocent, non-human animals.]

Contact: (213) 640-5048
Animal Liberation Press Office
3371 Glendale Blvd. #107
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Radical animal rights activists apparently vandalized a family-owned fur retail store in San Diego as well as attacking the homes of the store's owners.

Kimberley Graf of Furs By Graf in Clairemont Mesa said the family business has been vandalized by activists about a dozen times over the past 30 years. But this is the first time that her parents’ home and her home also were targeted.

That escalation has unnerved the family. "When you have elderly parents and they are terrorized and attacked, it’s not easy," said Graf. The family is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the incidents.

The vandalism occurred July 14 or early July 15. A Florida-based animal rights magazine published a statement on its Web site from an animal rights group claiming responsibility. The statement called the attackers "anarchists in San Diego."

Calls to the animal rights group were not returned Sunday evening. UT-San Diego is not naming the group because it can't confirm its involvement.

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