The Britches Story
An uplifting story of the infant primate rescued from a basement laboratory at the University of California at Riverside and delivered into the arms of a caring adoptive mother primate.

Britches: His Story, His Campaign
Our own video tribute to Britches. The story of Britches has touched a lot of hearts and in his honour a campaign has been launched to raise funds so that wild caught primates currently suffering abuse can receive the help they deserve and be rehabilitated into safety.

Llora Britches (Cry Britches)
A musical video of the Spanish rock band Lyvon. The lyrics of the song belong to the Spanish poet Angel Padilla. The video narrates and tries to denounce the atrocities that millions of animals in captivity suffer every year. This video is also a dedication to the Animal Liberation Front, to Britches, and to all those who defend the rights of nature and animals.

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