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Binghamton Deer Cull Halted

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We have just been informed by David Bernheim who is the amazing attorney in the Binghamton University case that the deer cull planned for this month will NOT take place this year. Our thanks for this success go to:

Attorney David Bernheim, for his superlative performance in court and in the media.

Sidel Gold who was the essential local connection and the call to arms in Binghamton.

Barbara Stagno, the NY state IDA chair


and all of you who called Binghamton University and the local newspapers and urged the stopping of the cull.

Peter Muller,

Chair, the League of Humane Voters

Binghamton University's lawyer told met hat B.U., which previously announced that they would proceed with the deer slaughter in January, 2012, have decided to call off the deer slaughter for now. This is wonderful news because on January 23, 2012 all Binghamton students return to campus. For logistical reasons, deer slaughters usually do not take place in Spring or Summer. I think that time is on our side. I intend to take certain steps which I hope will be effective. Thanks to Peter and Anne Muller for their letter writing and good advice.


David Bernheim

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