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Austin Activist Taking Veal & Foie Gras Purveyors to Task

July 14, 2007

Austin Activist Taking Veal and Foie Gras Purveyors to Task
Spray Paint and Broken Windows Greet Cruelest of Restaurateurs

Austin, TX- At least one Austin activist is taking a hands-on approach to holding restaurateurs serving veal and foie gras responsible for the unfathomable cruelty they perpetuate. At least seven local restaurants had windows smashed or slogans spray-painted on their facilities, decrying the cruelty inherent in their never-ending search for profit. Local television stations and the Austin American-Statesman newspaper have publicized the events, including the airing of video footage detailing ducks being force fed to enlarge their livers for foie gras production. Photos of the attacks were posted on a website, and

Meanwhile, local Austin animal rights activists are seen on local television quaking in their boots, renouncing direct action that not only cost animal abusers money and increased insurance premiums, but did more to educate the general public about cruelty to veal calves and ducks than anyone in recent memory.

Animal Liberation Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD, who is from Austin but currently resides in Los Angeles explains: "No intelligent human being who is made aware of the inordinate suffering of baby cows in veal crates, where they spend their entire short lives fed an intentionally iron-poor diet until being carted off to slaughter, would spend a nickel on veal, no matter how trendy the restaurant. It only remains for more people to be educated about the inherent cruelty in veal and foie gras production to stop these horrendous practices. Unfortunately, it sometimes requires the actions of clandestine activists to overcome the silence bought by the profits of the industry."

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Contact: Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, MD
Animal Liberation Press Office
6320 Canoga Avenue #1500
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


[Austin American-Statesman]

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jeffrey's, the upscale eatery in the Clarksville neighborhood, is the latest victim in a string of violence against Austin restaurants.

A brick was thrown through a window of the restaurant on West Lynn Street early Thursday morning, nine days after seven other Central Austin restaurants were spray-painted with obscene slogans opposing the serving of foie gras and veal.
The eateries painted with anti-veal and foie gras slogans last week were Aquarelle, Eddie V's Edgewater Grille, Fleming's, Restaurant Jezebel, Ruth's Chris Steak House, the Spaghetti Warehouse and Truluck's.

Foie gras is duck or goose liver that has been fattened through force feedings of the animal. Veal is the meat from beef calves that critics long have complained are not always treated humanely.

Weiss and his staff discussed the issues surrounding foie gras after they were approached recently by animal rights activists, but they decided to continue serving the dish, as have several other restaurants.

A person has taken responsibility online for last week's activity, with a posting at  in which the self-proclaimed "local animal rights activist" posted photos of the damage to the seven restaurants and referred to newspaper and television coverage of "my vandalism."

Central Texas Animal Defense, which is coordinating a local campaign against foie gras, has attempted to distance itself from the vandalism, saying it doesn't condone such acts.; 445-3859

full story: stories/local/07/14/0714vegan.html

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