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Their time was up - less than two years of age and egg production was down. 160,000 chickens slated for slaughter...none would be spared a grisly fate.

Death seemed certain for all of these inquisitive avians until Animal Place intervened and negotiated the rescue of hundreds of birds. Volunteers stepped up to the plate and offered their services to transport birds to the sanctuary. Even more heartening, kind-hearted bird lovers continue to open their doors to these frightened, but hopeful hens.

Though overwhelmed by the open space and freedom, the birds soon discovered what sanctuary life is all about - freedom. They can dust bathe, bask in the sun, explore their surroundings and are treated as individuals, not egg-layers and not production units.


Financial Help Needed

We need help to care for all of these birds - if you can find it in your heart to donate money for these precious, saved hens, any contribution is greatly appreciated! Contact us by phone (707) 449-4814, Email or web site

Californians: We still need help! If you love chickens and want to offer your heart and home to a few young hens, please contact Marin Humane Society in Novato, CA at (415) 883-4621 or the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in San Mateo, CA at (650) 340-7022. They have generously offered to act as the adoption agencies.

Dust, cobwebs and fecal matter wafted through the musty air as compassionate humans pulled frightened birds from metal cages and transferred them to large crates. For the second time in five days, rescuers from Animal Place, the Marin Humane Society and CAPE (Center for Animal Protection and Education) saved five hundred hens from certain death. The number rescued has soared over 1,200 birds.


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Sadie Comes Home

From intensely milked dairy cow and veterinary teaching "tool" to freedom and green pasture, Sadie now enjoys the good life at Animal Place. Learn about Sadie's story and how one person made a difference in this cow's life.  Read more.

Sadie is where milk comes from - a stately, black-and-white Holstein with inquisitive eyes and a gentle disposition. For seven years, she was Number 274 and her sole worth based on how much milk could be drained from her udder. When she developed mastitis, an intensely painful infection of the udder, her worth as a dairy cow plummeted. There is no happy oasis for middle-aged dairy cows for there is no profit in permitting a cow freedom. Instead, Number 274 was hauled off to auction where a veterinary school purchased her.

Instead of treating her mastitis, though, the teaching hospital used her as a teaching "tool". For a semester, students poked and prodded her in the name of education. At the end of the teaching period, the school prepared to send Number 274 off to auction for eventual slaughter. Death would be her fate, until a kind-hearted vet student stepped in. Instead of ignoring the niggling voice of compassion, this young woman embraced her conscience and saved the cow's life. Thanks to the student's courage and her persistence, this gentle cow now calls Animal Place home.