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Harris County Attorney's investigation of Blackmar completed

Blackmar2VRThe Harris County Attorney's investigation of Dawn Blackmar, director of Veterinary Public Health i.e. Harris County animal control is now complete. The County Attorney found that HCAC, under Blackmar's supervision, did break several Texas state laws.(See the list of laws broken here)

In addition, the Kill Rates for Harris County animal control are:

2011 - 82.25%
2010 - 83.19%
2009 - 80.29%
2008 - 78.97%
2007 - 78.57%

Please JOIN US at Harris County Commissioners Court next Tuesday, on March 27th to speak up for the animals.

Please TELL County Commissioners that Blackmar's actions are unacceptable. Do not let this House of Horrors continue. Fox 26 News will be covering the proceedings again so let your voice be heard!

The address of Commissioners Court as well as a link to register to speak are in this article.

Read more here.

BARC's director resigns and the City of Houston's spin machine is in overdrive

NKH-Examiner 2BARC's (Houston's city animal control) shelter director of just over 2 years recently resigned. Alfred Moran immediately sent a memo to the mayor and city council claiming that there has been "significant progress" BARC, and that "... more animals have found new homes from BARC than ever before".

But is this true? Has BARC made significant progress under Alfred Moran and Mayor Parker's direction?

Sadly, it has not. In fact, BARC's Save Rate actually decreased from 2010 to 2011. In addition, BARC's records show that over 13,000 animals were killed or "lost" at BARC in 2011 alone.

Also, volunteers continue to be threatened with banning if they use certain words that Moran does not like (such as "last chance") when they are trying to network animals to save their lives.

Significant progress? Hardly.

Read more here.

Houston, We have a problem

WrightAwardNo Kill sheltering expert, Nathan Winograd announced the winners of his "Phyllis Wright award". The award is given to those who epitomize everything that is wrong within the American animal shelter system.

Winograd stated that each recipient represents a different ugly side of our broken animal shelter system:

* the pound directors who kill in the face of readily available alternatives they simply refuse to implement;

* the bureaucrats who excuse neglect and abuse in the pounds they oversee;

* or those who run organizations that fight lifesaving reforms, protecting and defending the killing and championing the killers.

Although there were many, many contenders for this award, Houston ranks at the top of the list of dishonor because three out of the ten award recipients have Houston connections i.e., Patty Mercer, director of the Houston SPCA and Dawn Blackmar, director of Harris County animal control are both located in Houston, and Monica Hardy, Executive Director of the Texas Humane Legislative Network has a branch in Houston.

Read more about the "winners" here

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