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AR Group Upset with Emergent Biosolutions

February 18, 2011 -- Rockville-based Emergent BioSolutions Inc. is seeking federal approval to cut animal testing at its Michigan campus, a longstanding point of conflict between the anthrax vaccine maker and animal rights activists.

Emergent, because of problems inherent in running clinical trials for its biodefense product candidates on humans, instead relies on efficacy testing on animals to meet Food and Drug Administration standards for marketing approval. But its use of guinea pigs has drawn the ire of the Ohio-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, which accused Emergent of carrying out painful testing on the animals at its Lansing facility, according to the Lansing State Journal.

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February 15, 2011 -- [video at full story link]

An animal rights group takes aim at a Lansing facility that makes the country's only federally approved anthrax vaccine. The group called "stop animal exploitation now" wants Emergent Biosolutions to stop testing on guinea pigs. Stop animal exploitation now claims Emergent Biosolution's Lansing lab uses more animals in tests without painkillers than any other lab in the nation. The company's own numbers show in 2009 that 7,600 guinea pigs were used in experiments without tranquilizers.

Michael Budkie, stop animal exploitation now: "We have a right to know, and in fact a responsibility to know, what is being to these animals, the pain that is inflicted on them, how they're living, how they're dying."

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