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(US/fl) Use of primates pits AR group vs. researchers

About three dozen demonstrators held signs showing monkeys strapped into restraining chairs or covered with bloody wounds, as they yelled slogans toward a fenced, two-story white building in a warehouse section of Doral.

As a woman emerged from the building, the protesters surged toward her, shouting, "Shame! Shame! Animal abuser!" Six police officers waved them back and formed a wall in front of her until she got into her vehicle and drove away.

The confrontation Wednesday in front of a company called Primate Products was typical of tactics used by South Florida Smash HLS, an animal rights group engaged in a personal � and often effective � campaign to shut down the trade in live monkeys for scientific research.

The group does not advocate violence or law-breaking, according to its leaders. But its tactics mirror a growing aggressiveness on the part of animal rights groups around the nation, as scientists, universities and corporations face protests, threats and vandalism. The Florida Legislature next year may consider a proposal to keep confidential the names of researchers in the state university system who deal with animals.

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