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ARAs picket Hamilton doctors over alleged role in pigeon-shooting events

HAMILTON -- Activists from an animal rights group protested outside two local doctors’ offices yesterday, saying the medical professionals travel to Pennsylvania to take part in "cruel" and "barbaric" live pigeon shooting events that are illegal in New Jersey.

Protesters from Showing Animals Respect and Kindness stood at the corner of Klockner Road and Yardville-Hamilton Square Road outside of Dr. Karl Natriello’s office waving signs showing shot, wounded and dead pigeons. Natriello is a chiropractor and the secretary of the Philadelphia Gun Club, which the group, SHARK, says holds live pigeon shooting events where members shoot released pigeons for competition.

Live pigeon shooting is outlawed in New Jersey, but is legal in Pennsylvania. A bill to ban the practice, SB-510, is in the Pennsylvania state legislature,, SHARK NJ coordinator Stuart Chaifetz said.

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