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ARAs Sue UCLA Police; Claim Harassment

It's no secret that animal rights activists aren't too fond of the medical experiments being done at UCLA.

Faculty members and researchers have been on the scary end of bombs, letters filled with razor blades, vandalism and verbal threats.

In response, UCLA admits that it has taken steps to keep its researchers safe, including monitoring protests and protesters.

But a small handful of animal rights activists say the school has gone way too far and are suing the UCLA police department in federal court, claiming that school officers are harassing and intimidating them and denying them the right to free speech.

According to the lawsuit, filed by Laura Ashmore, Pamelyn Ferdin, Carol Glasser and Nicoal Sheen, the four women began marching in front of the homes of several researchers in 2006 as part of a peaceful "education campaign." For four years, they, along with others, protested twice a month on the sidewalks, maintaining, they say, a legally required 100-foot buffer from the private residences.

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