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ARAs Arrested at UCLA for alleged conspiracy, stalking

Two animal liberation activists were charged with conspiracy, stalking and other felonies today after attacks on UCLA researchers who perform tests on animals and on the L.A.-based POM Wonderful Juice Co. Our colleague Andrew Blankstein on the L.A. Now blog reports: Linda Faith Greene, 61, and Kevin Richard Olliff, 22, who prosecutors say are part of the radical Animal Liberation Front, pleaded not guilty to the charges after their arrest Thursday. Greene was held on $450,000 bail and Olliff on $460,000 bail.

The Los Angeles County grand jury indicted each defendant on three counts of conspiracy to commit stalking, three counts of stalking and two counts of conspiracy to commit the crime of threatening a public officer or school employee.

In the most recent attack on a UCLA faculty member, neuroscientist J. David Jentsch's car was set afire outside his Westside home.


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