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ARA film-music-protest tour hits Reno this weekend -- interview with musician Mike XvX

[Reno Gazette Journal - video at full story link]

The Open the Cages international activist tour -- comprised of animal activism, film screenings, and music events -- will stop in Reno this Saturday and Sunday July 21-22, 2012.

The tour is focused on the plight of animals in laboratories. It will show the new documentary "Maximum Tolerated Dose," the first feature-length film by director Karol Orzechowski. He and members of the production team will introduce and field questions about the film.

There will also be a music performance by folk artist Mike XvX and noisy hip-hop artist Garbageface, as well as local bands. In addition, there will be a protest at Reno's Charles River Laboratories, which is reported to do drug testing on dogs and monkeys.

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