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Animal advocate brings message to Fort Collins

[The Coloradoan]

Pushing her plate clear across the table and crossing her arms, the determined three-year-old girl declared that she would no longer be eating her friends. At this very young age, current animal rights activist, Charlotte Cressey, became gravely concerned about the killing of animals for food.

Today, Cressey dedicates herself to animal rights activism and community education in Fort Collins through her involvement in the Coalition for Animal Advocacy at Colorado State University. As an active member of this student organization, Cressey spends much of her time encouraging students as well as members of the community to consider the various benefits of veganism.

Cressey's compassion for animals began at such a young age due to her inquisitive nature. Her family treated their pet German Shepard like a member of the family, and Cressey couldn't understand why farm animals didn't deserve to be treated with equal compassion.

At this point, Cressey would have immediately become a strict vegetarian had her parents and pediatrician known enough about vegetarian nutrition. For the next couple of years, Cressey continued eating most types of meat, until she reached the age of seven, when she decided to stop consuming meat altogether. At that point, she was able to accurately define herself as a true vegetarian.

Cressey was soon introduced to the nonprofit organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), through her horseback riding instructor. She became a member of PETA and subscribed to their magazine which opened her eyes even further to the suffering of animals.

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