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LA Mayor's Chief Of Staff Visited by ALF

For Immediate Release Press Contact: Lindy Greene (818) 445-6711
January 21, 2008

LA Mayor's Chief Of Staff Visited by Animal Liberation Front
Robin Kramer Urged by Underground Group to Implement No Kill Policies

Los Angeles - In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO), underground activists have apparently taken the struggle against the killing of healthy companion animals to the driveway of Robin Kramer, Chief of Staff to Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The communiques reads in part:
"As the list of innocent animals dying in the city of Los Angeles' animal "shelters" grows so does the list of people we will pay a visit to. This time two cars in the driveway (we think both BMWs. we aren't sure it was dark and we move fast) at 123 N Arden in Los Angeles were doused with paint stripper. Robin Kramer, your job as chief to the mayor affords you the ability to push for LAAS to catch up with the times and transition to "no kill." Why are you not pushing? "

Since 2003, local activists in LA have been focused on exposing the mismanaged and corrupt department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Activists complain that the Mayor's office refuses to hire experts to evaluate the shelter system and implement No-Kill policies, programs, and protocols proven to stop the killing of thousands of healthy, treatable animals in other municipal shelters throughout the nation. To read the full communique, go to www.animalliberatio npressoffice. org.

Press Officer Lindy Greene states: "The humane community knows all too well that mayoral staffers encouraged Villaraigosa to hire an incompetent like Ed Boks without even researching his abysmal history at the two previous shelters he's overseen. Robin Kramer must ensure that the Mayor does what is best for the animals of this city, and that is to hire those who will implement the No Kill Equation in Los Angeles, and to stop the systematic killing of innocent, defenseless animals going on under the leadership of Ed Boks."

Pamelyn Ferdin, an activist with Animal Defense League-LA, one of the groups involved with the campaign to stop the killing, explains: "Mayor Villaraigosa and his staff appointed Boks to be GM of LAAS, a man asked to leave as director of the shelter system in Arizona and fired from the New York City shelter system. Animals are dying needlessly because the Mayor and his staff refuse to make straightforward and ethical changes that would save lives. The humane community seem to be saying, 'Enough is enough; we're not going to take it anymore. It's too bad it takes illegal direct action by groups such as the ALF to get the media to take notice of the senseless killing going on inside the six city animal Death Camps in LA."

For more information visit, www.animalliberatio npressoffice. org.

Press Contact: Lindy Greene: (818) 445-6711
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