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A.L.F. Scapegoated in Brooklyn Anarchist Free Store Arson

FBI blames Animal Liberation Front in anarchist �free store� arson
The A.L.F. has been blamed for some absurd things, but this is a first: NYC police and the FBI�s Joint Terrorism Task Force have named the Animal Liberation Front as suspects in an arson against an unlikely target: the Brooklyn Free Store, a community run thrift store.

The fire destroyed the building. The Brooklyn Free Store was a community resource, where people could pick up items for free. What role a small thrift store could have in animal abuse was not explained, and the FBI didn�t say why they believed the A.L.F. could be responsible.


I have written in past articles on the A.L.F. being scapegoated in actions that were clearly not the work of animal liberationists. In one example, a kangaroo was found loose near a roadside zoo. The owner told police the kangaroo liberation wasn�t the product of inadequate fencing, but the work of the Animal Liberation Front.

In another case. Santa Cruz police hinted the A.L.F. was behind vandalism to a vehicle owned by a UC-Santa Cruz researcher. Problem was, the researcher didn�t do animal research.

A Free Store volunteer stated she was �pretty positive that ALF had nothing to do with the fire.�

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