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ALF attempts raid on Mollala deer farm

A posting from the Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for a
raid on a Molalla deer farm.

Owner Richard Bentley says he has roughly 80 European Fallow deer that
he raises for meat. He said said not a single animal left the
property. There were no deer on the land where the fence was cut,
despite ALF claims.
A spokeswoman with the Portland office of the FBI said the agency is
aware of the situation and looking into it.

full story:

For Immediate Release
October 13, 2010

Animal Liberation Front Liberates Captive Deer Population from Molalla, Oregon Deer Farm

Molalla, OR: In an anonymous communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office yesterday, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claims to have liberated captive deer from an unnamed Molalla, Oregon deer farm. The deer on so-called "farms" are slaughtered at the youngest age possible to ensure maximum profit for the farm's owner.

The communique received reads, in full:
On the morning of October 9th, we raided a deer farm located at 32155 S Grimm Road in Molalla, OR. A large section of fencing was stripped away allowing the captive deer herd a chance to escape into the surrounding forest. The venison meat industry remains small in this country, but as long as they exploit sentient animals, they will remain a target of the ALF. For the animals enslaved, mutilated, and murdered by this society: we will be tearing down the fences to set them free. --Animal Liberation Front

Although raised in captivity, the deer remain genetically wild and fully capable of survival on their own without human intervention. A similar liberation of the entire captive deer population of GNK Deer Farm in Monterey County, California was carried out by the ALF in January 2005. In a communique taking responsibility for that action, activists stated "Our hearts go out to victims of the larger problem, the billions of lives we are unable to save - cows, chickens, pigs, mice, rats, and others - casualties of the meat, dairy, vivisection and other industries of suffering and blood.  Their pain is our own."

Voice of the Voiceless
In a communique received today by the Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for cutting fences and releasing an entire herd of deer from a farm in Molalla, Oregon.

This is the second recorded deer liberation in the U.S. The first occurred in 2005, when the A.L.F. liberated an entire herd of deer from the GNK Deer Ranch in Monterey County, California. The communique in that raid stated, in part:

The pen was located in the rear of the property and over 1/4 of the fence was cut away, releasing the deer into the mountainous countryside.

This A.L.F. action is the first reported in Oregon since the July arson at the Ylipelto's Fur Farm, in which several pieces of equipment, a vehicle, and a building were set on fire.

The full communique for this week's Oregon deer liberation is as follows:
"On the morning of October 9th, we raided a deer farm located at 32155 S Grimm Road in Molalla, OR. A large section of fencing was stripped away allowing the captive deer herd a chance to escape into the surrounding forest. The venison meat industry remains small in this country, but as long as they exploit sentient animals, they will remain a target of the ALF. For the animals enslaved, mutilated, and murdered by this society: we will be tearing down the fences to set them free. --Animal Liberation Front"
- Peter Young

Call for support for vegan prisoner Steve Murphy

Today I received an urgent call for support for vegan prisoner Steve Murphy, serving a five years sentence for an attempted E.L.F. arson in 2006. Steve is currently having a difficult time in prison. Please read the following call for support and the statement from Steve, and write him a needed letter of support.

The following was sent by a friend of Steve's:

"Steve Murphy is a dedicated social justice, animal rights, environmental activist and all-around good guy who now needs our support. He's in prison for us, and we need to be there for him now.

Steve would love letters, cards, and postcards from old friends, new friends, strangers who he would love to befriend, etc. Please write him a quick note and let him know you're thinking of him and believe he can make it through his time in prison. This is very important because right now Steve is in a bad, dark place mentally - he needs every kind word he can get in order to lift his spirits.
He'd also appreciate books dealing with radical politics, environmentalism, animal rights, civil rights, atheism, anarchist history and theory, etc. These have to be new softcover (paperback) books, mailed straight to his address from the bookseller or publisher.

Steve is a vegan, but money is tight and he has very little cash to use supplementing the weak vegan diet he's receiving in prison - he's able to buy tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms in the prison, provided he has the funds to do so. All monetary donations are very greatly appreciated and can be made online at

Steve Murphy
FCI Beaumont Medium
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 26040
Beaumont, TX 77720

For updated information on Steve, his postal address, mail regulations, and for the link to donate online, please visit "
Statement from Steve Murphy:

"The God of the Old Testament (and arguably the New Testament) is arguably the must unpleasant character in all fiction; jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filidcidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully." - Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (chapter 2)

"Cell phones kill gorillas!" - Steven Murphy


First Let me say, there is no God. If there were, (s)he/it would do something about the injustice in the world now and since human/humyn became the dominant predator on this sphere. And, to the desperate seeking "meaning": God is not waiting for the right time to reappear so (s)he can correct all of her/his mistakes. The entity, being, spirit, substance we call God does not exist.
This leads to my second point. There is no justice in the justice system. The justice system in this country is a savage, barbaric farce whose only design is to create jobs for men and women (many of whom were in the military) too ill-equipped to find work in a reputable profession, such as a teacher - so they appeal to the lowest common denominator and take jobs that will ensure them power and authority over others - even though they themselves are guilty of crimes that will likely never surface. Striving for mediocrity.

Occasionally a few are caught and I revel in those brief moments because they thought they were invincible, they thought they would never get caught.

My oft-recited grievances against the general population and the activist alike of "cell phones kill gorillas" and "stop driving" often garner nothing more than a chuckle as we drive across town, I unable to convince them to ride our bikes or take a bus/subway.

Let me say this again. The minerals used in cell phones to transmit the signal from handset to cell tower is mined in the former rainforests in the Central African Republic and The Dominican Republic of The Congo.

The rainforests are first "cleared" of all birds, snakes, gorillas, lizards, spider monkeys, reese monkeys, etc. Many of these beautiful creatures are killed - those that are not are captured and sold on the black market as "exotic pets" or worse, to animal research labs.

Those who escape being killed or captured retreat to an ever-shrinking forest. The forest itself is then slashed and burned with much of the wood used to make furniture for the wealthy. The Earth is then forever destroyed by strip mining. All this so the hipster can write her/his latest manifesto and the socialite can show off the latest gadget and the activist can read the latest update.

We need to remember that we all must live here and if I tell you the cops and prison guards are not above the rules of law neither am I above the rules of nature.

What I would like to see happen with the animal rights and social justice communities is the same thing the earth hippies have been doing for years - plant and grow what you eat. Stop using plastic water bottles. They are suffocating the planet.

Thing of Garbagia (the gelatinous mass of plastics and water bottles in the middle of the ocean which on a good day is "only" the size of the U.S.) the next time you need to buy a bottle of water.

Stop buying processed mock meats and food. Shop at farmers markets and/or grow your own herbs and veggies in your underutilized yards and windowsills.
Stop driving! Most of it is unnecessary and you know it, so cut it out. Ride your bike, take a bus or train. It may take a little longer to get to your destination but won't the journey be worth it? If some of you reading this are laughing now too (and I suspect a few will) then perhaps you should also question what you are doing and why.

The Earth, my friends, will be here for a long, long time. We will not. The environment will undergo some pretty catastrophic changes - mostly brought about by our insatiable appetite for consumption without content or consequence - over the next 12 to 15 years. The polar bear will be extinct in 14 years, save those in zoos. The droughts and flooding will become more frequent and more severe. Basic survival foods and clean water will become scarcer and exorbitantly more expensive. Plagues will ravage the sick, the elderly, and the young.

We could have listened but our iPods blocked out the sound. We could have seen what might have been but our TVs blurred our vision.

I have approximately 30 months left in this God-forsaken-cesspool before I can return home to my loving family in the Autumn of 2013. After I get home I will be converting our yards into sustainable gardens and anyone willing to invest a little time in a little community is welcome anytime.
- Steve"

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