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How the A.L.F. Raided the University of Arizona 1989

In April, 1989, the Animal Liberation Front executed the largest raid of a U.S. lab in history: breaking into five buildings, setting two on fire, and rescuing over 1,200 animals. In this little-read article, the A.L.F. explains in detail how they carried out this monumental action.

This is being posted as a teaser for an upcoming book project. The details are private for the moment while the project nears completion, but this article is one of the more appetizing selections from a book that I am excited to be editing.

"Raiding Arizona" is among the more comprehensive and detailed looks inside a single A.L.F. action ever published. Enjoy this rare article.

Download pdf "Raiding Arizona - How the A.L.F. Carried Out the University of Arizona Raid".

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