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Last evening the Animal Liberation Front, paid a visit to the home of Frank Tasco honorary director to Marsh Insurance. We have been monitoring his protection and home for quite some time now, Frank we were well aware of the security patrols at your home, the guards and their shift changes, and the fact last week they cut down security from 24hrs a day, every day to fri/sat/sunday, and then decided to go back to the full time security. Did you think that armed guards or the installation of motion sensors, cameras, lights, and steel grating around your basement windows would somehow make the animal liberation movement go away? Of course not! 

Last evening we waited for your security guards to fall asleep, then went right in under their noses and got to painting, leaving your house a red bloody mess, just like your hands!

Frank Tasco's home was donned with anti-HLS and ALF slogans, the words "killer" and "murderer leave town" can be seen all the way across the harbor.

Frank please do not be mistaken this is only the beginning, you have a great deal of power within Marsh as their former CEO and currently as a director to the company. If you choose to neglect the fact that 500 animals are being slaughtered every day due to the support of your company, then you too are just as responsible as the vivisections themselves, and will be treated no different. We assure you that the blood of 180,000 animals yearly would be enough to cover your home hundreds of times over.

See you soon Frank  ALF