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Every single night, the women and men of the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) carry out direct action to stop animal cruelty at its sources, somewhere in the world. England and the United States see thousands of attacks a year, and A.L.F. cells are active across the industrialized world. 

Although the Animal Defense League is an above-ground animal rights group, the ADL fully supports the great work done by the underground Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in freeing animals who are being tortured, exposing animal abuse and reducing the economic viability of animal abuse industries.

 Below is a list of A.L.F. actions occurring in southern California.

November 11, 2001 La Jolla

Sierra Biomedical, a subsidiary of Charles River Laboratories, was attacked, sustaining $50,000 in damages. Every time the ALF costs the animal abusers money, it becomes harder for them to make money on the suffering of animals, and eventually fewer animals will suffer.

June 21, 2001 Los Angeles

Bank of New York, a financial supporter of Huntington Life Sciences, had its offices stickered with information about the torture and death behind their money. HLS Labs torture 500 dogs, cats, primates and other animals to death every single day.


March 17, 2001 Beaumont

Sunny-Cal Eggs concentration camp is raided, with the rescue of 468 chickens. May freedom ring!


April 28, 2001 Castroville

 ICRC Company is attacked by the ALF, who free 28 rabbits from certain torture and death.


November 2, 2000 Beverly Hills


Earlier in the month, the ALF smashed over 20 large plate
glass windows at Nieman's of Beverly Hills. Nieman's continues to support a full fur salon, and though the action didn't receive much media attention, the damages had to be over $100,000. 

This is the third Neiman Marcus store to have been relieved of their windows in the past year. A few months back, a Neiman Marcus near San Diego, California had over 20 windows removed by ALF activists and back in the beginning of the year, the ALF took out around 30 windows at the Neiman Marcus store in San Francisco, resulting in a quarter million dollars in damages. These three actions combined have most likely caused Neiman Marcus over a half million dollars in replacement windows, labor costs to install the windows and lost business during the time the windows were being replaced. Soon the profitability of murdering animals for their skins will disappear, and Nieman's will stop killing for profit.



the Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility for
the destruction of approximately 24 display windows
and doors at the murderous neiman marcus in beverly
hills, california last night...
Let this serve as a notice to animal-killing
corporations and their government bedmates that YOU
CAN'T STOP THE ALF. grand jury witchunts cannot stop
these acts of compassion and we will not passively
stand by as animals are slaughtered and activists are
San francisco and San Diego were only the beginning,
things are just heating up. for every animal killed
for vanity, a window will be smashed. for every
imprisoned warrior, a match will be lit.



 June 24, 2000 Beaumont, CA

With the June 24th premier of Hollywood's new film "Chicken Run", the Animal Liberation Front (A.L.F.) exposed the truth behind egg farms. The A.L.F. is claiming responsibility for the liberation of 613 chickens from Sunny-Cal Eggs in Beaumont, CA (east of L.A.).


As audiences watched "Chicken Run" for the first time, the A.L.F. took action by breaking into sheds at this modern day concentration camp. We obtained video documentation of the horrendous and inhumane conditions inside this factory farm.

Billions of real live chickens suffer immensely on real battery egg farms every day. Just like those in the movie, each and every one of these chickens has her own personality, the capacity to suffer and a desire to live. And just like the characters in the movie, the owners of such animal concentration camps care about nothing more than profits. To maximize production and profits, 4-6 birds are crammed into cages barely larger than

half a sheet of newspaper.


All 613 chickens were placed in homes and will never spend another day in a cage. These birds will never have to live and endure the endless torture and misery placed upon them by this cruel industry. They will never have their beaks cut from their bodies with a hot blade. They will never be killed simply because they can no longer produce eggs for human consumption.


With vegan dog treats and manipulation of gates, we fenced off guard dogs, cut through 5 perimeter fences and entered massive compound where we carefully loaded the chickens into carriers and delivered them to safety. Until human beings learn to take responsibility for this earth and all her creatures, it will remain necessary for compassionate individuals to act outside the law on behalf of the innocent.




November 1, 1999  Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills Furriers Inc. (22894 Ventura Blvd.) had all windows smashed with several rocks, and was painted with slogans. From the communique: "We have ample rocks....Do they have enough windows?"


October 25, 1999  Los Angeles

Six female mice shipped from NIH to USC were intercepted by the ALF during a courier route transit in LA. The mice were listed on attached paperwork to be free from infection, and were moved to a home where they won't ever be maimed, sliced, poked, prodded, or tortured by any laboratory madman.


August 23, 1998  San Fernando Valley

Encino, CA - A McDonald's had slogans painted on the walls and on the drive through menu. -A.L.F

Tarzana, CA - Monteleone's Restaurant that serves veal had slogans spray painted and windows smashed. -A.L.F


 January 18th, 1998  Los Angeles County, CA

18 rabbits, 1 duck, 3 hens, and 5 quail were liberated from a slaughterhouse, which kills the animals by beheading them.

From the communique: "We have also treated several animal-abusing businesses to the standard lock-gluing and slogan-painting forays. One thrift store, whom we have targeted countless times, has separated from its parent, the City of Hope (VIVISECTION SCUM)! I guess we do not know for certain, but it seems like our ministrations (gluing and painting) could have been a factor in their divorce! Until our next communication, we thank all activists fighting for our brothers and sisters. We do what little we can to make this world a little better for the animals. -A.L.F. Southland Unit


Known North American Fur Farm Raids

    August 13, 1995 Annendale, MN Davidson Fur Farm 1 coyote liberated

    October 24, 1995 Chilliwack, BC Dargatz's Fur Farm 2,400 mink liberated

    November 14, 1995 Aldergrove, BC Rippin Fur Farm 5,000 mink liberated

    November 16, 1995 Olympia, WA Jordan Mink Farm 400 mink liberated

    November 16, 1995 Pleasant View, TN Mac Ellis Fox Farm 30 fox liberated

    January 15, 1996 Sheboygan, WI Zimbal Minkery 400 mink liberated

    April 4, 1996 Victor, NY L.W. Bennet Fur Farm 1,700 mink liberated

    June ?, 1996 Snohomish, WA Brainard Fur Farm 80 mink liberated

    June 7, 1996 Sandy, UT Fur Breeders Agricultural Co-Op 75 mink liberated

    June 21, 1996 Riverton, UT Riverton Fur Farm 1,000 mink liberated

    July 4, 1996 Howard Lake, MN Latzig Mink Ranch 1,000 mink liberated

    July 4, 1996 Langley, BC Akagami Mink Ranch 400 mink liberated

    July 17, 1996 South Jordan, UT Holt Mink Ranch 3,000 mink liberated

    August 9, 1996 Hinsdale, MA Carmel Mink Ranch 1,000 mink liberated

    August 12, 1996 Alliance, OH Jorney Mink Ranch 2,500 mink liberated

    September 28, 1996 Alliance, OH Jorney Mink Ranch 8,000 mink liberated

    October 2, 1996 Salem, UT Paul Westwood Fur Farm 1,500 mink liberated

    October 5, 1996 Lindboro, NH Gauthier Fur Farm 35 fox and 10 mink liberated

    October 11, 1996 Hinsdale, MA Carmel Mink Ranch 75 mink liberated

    October 23, 1996 Lebanon, OR Arnold Krohl Fur Farm 2,000 mink liberated

    October 25, 1996 Coalville, UT Reese Fur Farm 1,500-2,000 mink and 150-200 fox liberated

    October 29, 1996 Victor, NY Bennett Fur Farm 46 fox liberated

    November 28, 1997 Hinsdale, MA Carmel Mink Farm 12 mink liberated

    December 14, 1996 Snohomish, WA Brainard Fur Farm 50 mink liberated

    December 25, 1996 Bath, MI Jack Brower Fur Farm 150 mink liberated

    March 15, 1997 Blenheim, Ont. Eberts Fur Farm 240 mink liberated

    March 30, 1997 Blenheim, Ont. Eberts Fur Farm 1,500 mink liberated

    April 9, 1997 DeBerry, TX Kelly Fur Farm 10 chinchilla liberated

    May 11, 1997 Salisbury, MD Parsons Mink Farm 500 mink liberated

    May 28, 1997 Lebanon, OR Lou Masog Mink Farm 80 mink liberated

    May 30, 1997 Mt. Angel, OR Arritola Mink Farm 10,000 mink liberated

    July 4, 1997 Cle Elum, WA David Smith Mink Farm 4,000 mink liberated

    July 8, 1997 Medina, OH Tom Mohoric Mink Farm 41 mink liberated

    July ?, 1997 Alliance, OH Unconfirmed raid on Jorney Mink Ranch 500 mink supposedly liberated

    September 1, 1997 Downers Grove, IL Ides Mink Farm 3,500 mink liberated

    September 20, 1997 Anderson, IN Adams Fox Farm 200 fox liberated

    October 5, 1997 Crystal Lake, IL Frye Mink Farm 5,000 mink liberated

    October 6, 1997 Preston, ID Palmer Mink Farm 5,000 mink liberated

    October 16, 1997 Sioux Ciry, IO Circle K Fur Farm 5,000 mink and 100 fox liberated

    October 17, 1997 Watertown, SD Turbak Mink Farm 3,000 mink liberated

    October weekend of the 24th, 1997 Independence, WI Smieja Fur Farm 800 mink liberated

    October weekend of the 24th, 1997 Tomahawk, WI Ott's Mink Farm 300 mink liberated

    October weekend of the 24th, 1997 Medford, WI Jack Dittrich Minkery 3,000 mink liberated

    October 29, 1997 Hebo, OR Empty mink farm entering the rabbit business raided 6 rabbits liberated

    November 5, 1997 Ft. Wayne, IN Blaine Leffers Fox Farm 125 foxes liberated

    July 3, 1998 Middleton, WI United Vaccines Research Ranch 310 mink liberated

    July 29, 1998 Sandy, UT Furbreeders Co-op 6 mink liberated

    July 30, 1998 Sandy, UT Furbreeders Co-op 2 mink liberated

    August 18, 1998 St. Cloud, MN Mueller Fur Farm 4,000 mink liberated

    August 20, 1998 Guttenburg, IA Hidden Valley Fur Farms 330 fox liberated

    August 21 1998 Jewell, IA Isebrand fur farm 3,000 mink liberated

    August 27, 1998 Beloit, WI Brown Mink Farm 3,000 mink liberated

    August 28, 1998 Rochester, MN Zumbro River Fur Farm 3,000 mink liberated

    October 26, 1998 Powers, MI Pipkorn, MI 5,000 mink liberated

    December 2, 1998 Anderson, IN Adams Fox Farm 150 foxes liberated

    February 13, 1999 Annendale, MN Davidsons Fur Farm 6 foxes liberated

    February 23, 1999 Snohomish, WA Brainerd Fur Farm 150 mink liberated

    Februrary 17, 1999 Richmond, UT Nivison Mink Ranch 9 mink liberated

    August 3, 1999 Bristol, WI Krieger Fur Farm 3,000 mink liberated

    August 8, 1999 Plymouth, WI Gene Meyer Mink Farm 2,500 mink liberated

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