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Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia

Update August 13, 2012 from Animal Liberation Frontline:

Damage estimate and new info about last week's fox liberation in Virginia.

One source apparently close to the farma's owner is reporting damages from last week's Virginia fox farm raid at $25,000 to $30,000. In addition to liberating 13 foxes, the Animal Liberation Front stated they also "damaged machinery" at the farm.

Although mainstream media has yet to pick up the story, there is other information Animal Liberation Frontline has learned about the fox liberation:

Owner Scott Dean is a trapper and member of the Virginia State Trapper's Association (VTA), National Trappers Association (NTA), and Fur Takers of America (FTA).

In addition to the fox farm, Dean also owns "D&S Nuisance Animal Control" out of the same address. His website describes the company as providing the following services: "animal capture, animal removal, animal control, animal trapping, animal exclusion, animal damage repairs, animal waste cleanup, and more."

Among the "nuisance" animals Dean will capture are foxes. This raises the question: Rather than "humanely" euthanizing the foxes other people pay him to capture (as he promises on his site), does he instead sell them for fur?

If so, this is almost certainly in violation of his National Wildlife Control Operators Association membership at best, and against the law at worst. Dean's business live-trapping wildlife on other people's property would provide him a steady stream of animals that aren't just free - other people are paying him to take them. While we can't know for certain, Dean's dual work as a fur farmer and "wildlife pest removal" provider would seem to pose an inherent conflict of interest.


On Saturday night, the ALF emptied a small fur farm approximately two hours from Washington DC. All 13 foxes on the farm were released. According to the communique posted by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the ALF also damaged equipment at the farm. The farm bordered Shenandoah National Park, where the foxes returned to their natural habitat.

The fox farm raided appears to be:

D & S Fox Farm
16671 Fox Farm Ln.
Elkton VA 22827-2739
Owner: Dean Scott

The full communique reads:

"On the night of August 5, the Animal Liberation Front visited the only known fur farm in the state of Virginia, Scott Dean's D&S Fox Farm in Elkton. We opened every one of the few cages at D&S, giving thirteen beautiful foxes a chance at new lives in the nearby Shenandoah National Park. As we watched a few of them immediately scurry off to freedom, we damaged the machinery that allows Dean to continue his day-to-day operation confining and torturing these sensitive creatures. Dean, it appears that this is a hobby providing you only supplementary income - it is our commitment to free your prisoners and cost you more than you make until you shut down. To those nationwide who also seek justice for the innocent, your nearest fur farm is at most a state away. Take action for animals. -ALF"

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