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Worcester Animal Rights Report
March - April 2007 report

Police - Camera - Activists!

Over the last 2 months over 12 demos have been held outside Sequani animal testing labs in Ledbury, Herefordshire which have included weekday demos and weekend demos.

Foie Gras Free Worcester!

Dozens of demos have taken place recently outside the premises of hotels and restaurants in the Worcestershire and Herefordshire area that had been selling the diseased liver of dead geese and ducks.

Since August 2006 fifteen restaurants in the area have dropped foie gras from the menu due to extremely persistent peaceful demonstrations at premises serving foie gras throughout the two counties.

The city of Worcester and surrounding areas have now been officially declared foie gras free.

Fur Free Worcester!

No fur has been spotted this year in the city after an intense 3 year campaign to rid the city of dead animal skins.

Glue traps - No Thanks!

Worcester remains 'glue trap free' after the two only shops in the city that were selling these barbaric "animal management" devices decided enough was enough (of the peaceful demos outside their premises) and permanently removed glue traps from their shelves.

A demo was recently held outside Martley Electronics near Worcester who manufacture and sell these devices.

Before the Court

12 people have been bailed to return to Worcester crown court on July 23rd 2007 after police raids in May 2006 led to people being arrested for allegedly "interfering with contractual relationships" between an animal testing lab and its suppliers in the area.

More background info in on the case may be found in the archives of the netcuwatch website.

Lambs planning to be sold off by the Malvern Hills Conservators!

The Malvern Hills conservators keep sheep on the Malvern Hills that they like to refer to as "lawnmowers" who serve only to keep the grass and shrubbery down.

compassionate members of the public have recently been attending the conservators meetings to make sure that the flock does not increase in size and that safeguards are put in place to stop the sheep from roaming onto roads along the hills.

The conservators have admittedly taken small measures regarding the above concerns raised by members of the public but now they want to breed from the flock and sell lambs to anyone willing to buy them!

This means that the lambs could well end up being shipped off abroad as live exports or end up in a halal slaughterhouse!

The next conservators meeting is at 7.00pm 10/05/07 at their HQ opposite the Malvern theatres in Great malvern, Worcestershire. All are welcome.

National Sheep Atrocities!

The headquarters of the National Sheep Association (NSA) are based in Malvern. Worcestershire.

Over the last 2 years peaceful demos have been held outside the NSA premises as the NSA support, condone and encourage the trade in live sheep exports.

Keep on Fighting! The animals have no one but us!
Worcester Animal Rights

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