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Countering the hunt propaganda machine

From: North West Hunt Saboteurs Association <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, 23 February 2015 20:32
Subject: Countering the hunt propaganda machine

From West Midlands Sabs

"We are posting this footage in response to posts about us, that are currently appearing on pro-hunt facebook pages. These posts wrongfully allege that members of West Midlands Sabs assaulted a young person riding with the Atherstone Hunt on Saturday 21/2/15.

As you can see on this footage, the supposed victim of the assault is constantly riding at and assaulting the sabs. He shows repeated violent and aggressive behaviour. He even admits assaulting a sab and further threatens to get off his horse and attack another sab. We ask you is this the behaviour of a poor victimised individual, or the behaviour of a misbehaving young individual? If you listen to the audio on this footage, you will only hear one person being aggressive, during the time he alleges the assault happened, and it’s not the sabs.

On this day, the police even had to speak to him, to tell him to calm down and to watch his behaviour. This is just some of the footage of his bad behaviour that day. We actually have far too much footage to post at this time, as he is constantly acting in this way! It seems to be a tactic of the Atherstone Hunt to set a young person on to us, to aggressively try and provoke a reaction from us, so they can portray him as a victim. We think it is pretty low to use a young person in this way, but that is the Atherstone for you!

Also on this footage a fox is reported to have broken from cover, by another sab who is elsewhere. Not only does this young person’s aggressive behaviour get worse at this point, but other hunters come and also act aggressively, to stop the sabs from helping the fox.

This is also not the first time that this young person has attacked someone and then alleged that he was in fact the victim of the assault. His mother complained to the police about one incident over the Christmas period. We can prove that this allegation was also a lie, as we have footage of the supposed incident, which clearly shows that what he claimed happened was totally untrue! We did not post it at the time, as we felt that the whole thing was just a non-event, but we could post it now, if the lies about us continue to be posted.

This incident is just another blatant attempt to portray hunt saboteurs as violent aggressors. This footage clearly shows the allegations made about West Midland sabs to be untrue. We wonder if the pro- hunt pages will share this, or just continue to peddle their obvious and discredited propaganda?

Also please remember that he is only 15 so we ask you not to leave any personal comments about him"

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