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The Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary: Not

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ref. the former Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary at Cribyn in mid-Wales, UK.

The Ty Agored sanctuary is now up for sale by auction. The Estate Agents are John Francis, Carmarthen office.

There are unconfirmed rumours the sanctuary's cats were released onto the mountain, and the dogs were passed over to Many Tears Animal Sanctuary near Llandeilo, Wales, some of whose staff may have connections with Ty Agored.

Many Tears Animal Sanctuary is run by a couple, the woman formerly known as Sylvia Ragg, who had connections with Last Chance Animal Sanctuary in Kent. Sylvia Ragg a few years ago organised a network collecting unwanted dogs from council dog-pounds all over Wales. She then transported the dogs in vans and lorries supposedly for rehoming to other sanctuaries in England. A local newspaper article highlighted an RSPCA report that criticised the conditions in which the dogs were transported out of Wales. One of the women who regularly used to drive the vans was banned from collecting dogs from Swansea Council dog pounds, but she may still work with Sylvia Ragg at Many Tears. She went to the United States, then returned to Wales a few years ago to set up Many Tears Animal Sanctuary in a fanfare of publicity in newspapers and on TV.

If anyone in ALF or other groups were by any chance looking to set up a sanctuary in Wales, maybe they'd be interested in the forthcoming auction of Ty Agored at Cribyn. The auction starting price seems a bit low, and there could be complications in the sale because some of the land may still be registered under Charity Commission rules as owned by the charity set up by Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary.

It would be great if an AR group could set up in mid-Wales.

The Ty Agored Animal Sanctuary, Cribyn, near Lampeter, West Wales, was owned by its brilliant founder Barbara Packham until recently. I expect you know of her - I worked together with her many times.

The people she has sold it to are frauds, as loads of people round here know, due to visits to the 'sanctuary' and dealings with the new owner Gloria. She is selling dogs/bitches, and all go out un-neutered, un-jabbed and un-micro chipped. animals have no bedding - mostly small animals such as guinea pigs, birds etc. + loads more cruelty, i.e. kittens in corner of a dark shed with no bedding water food etc., but too much to list here. and I have seen most of it so it isn't Chinese whispers. Insider reports lately say she sold a bitch for breeding for '350, and also she has sold pure bred boarder collies to a local breeder only recently and this was widely publicized. Fresh Fields Animal sanctuary know more about this.

When she first moved in there were animals already there. The pigs were put down when she finally found a vet to do it - loads had refused. - one pig had lived there in luxury for years. and a load of wild cats who had cat flu etc were released on the local mountain - i know the woman who was asked to do it, (Mary, whom supported Barbara for years) but refused to get involved.

Is there something we can do? The RSPCA, as usual, don't want to know!! and the charity commission couldn't care less even though Gloria's new partner has been banned from keeping dogs for life! And her whole family is on the board. The whole 'charity' is a con. there is talk now of it being declared a business, but she has no intention of telling the public who unwittingly still give goods for the charity to sell!

Gloria was in court recently for not paying members of staff and for CCJs + selling unchecked electrical equipment in the shop - Cambrian News report this past week. All the staff leave eventually when they know what is going on - and all the original staff most of which I knew, left shortly after Gloria took over, as they were all there for the right reasons.

Please help. These animals don't deserve this treatment, and neither do the public who still support this con!

Lots of love, best wishes, and support

Amanda Jones

November 6, 2008

I agree with this website. I have worked alongside Ty Agored for many years in rescue work. Since the new regime, I have received many phone calls from the public asking me to take their cats or strays after having rang the sanctuary to be told "I'm sorry we don't take unwanted cats or strays" What's that all about!

I thought there was a duty of care in being an animal sanctuary to these poor animals otherwise what's the point of raising funds through their animal charity shops only to refuse to help these animals in need.

Summat not right somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but which professional bod is going to get off their arse and do a proper investigation into what's going on there. Surely an alleged safe haven for unwanted animal dealing with a puppy farm in Wiltshire (as per the local paper) should ring alarm bells to anybody with an ounce of compassion towards these already traumatized dogs and puppies I agree with Ms Jones (i do not know her) but her and half of West Wales cant be wrong.

Will somebody somewhere do something now before the Christmas unwanted are turned away because a so called animal sanctuary DO NOT TAKE STRAYS.
BAAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

regards Colleen O'Hare

January 2009

Hi, I've heard a lot of talk regarding this animal sanctuary, the latest one (from a recently ex member of staff) was that it was getting turned into a puppy farm!

I met Barbara many years ago when I went to re-home my second dog from there, it was a jack russell bitch, she had just been spayed by the sanctuary and once the vet gave her the all clear a few days after the op I was allowed to take her home, she was micro chipped in front of me and all my details were taken. It was obvious that Barbara and all the staff I met were caring and wanted the best for each animal they had-whether it was a guinea pig, cat, dog, pig or horse.

I rescued a 6 month collie from their 6 months ago. He had been at the sanctuary for approximately 12wks. When I decided to rescue him they handed me a form to fill, they wanted just my name and address and I had to fill in the details of the dog. The staff there didn't know if he had been neutered or vaccinated and he hadn't been chipped. They didn't even check if he had been neutered when I asked the question, I had to check myself (he hadn't been). When I asked them about house checks, proof of identity -the usual procedures for re-homing, it was if they couldn't care less. They said that they might do a house check in 1-2 months because he is a collie.

I rang up a week later to say he has settled in and all was well, the lady I spoke to had an attitude and obviously did not want to speak to anyone. I asked her to pass on the message to the 'Team', I doubt they got it.

I have since warned people to keep away from there when looking to re-home a dog. I feel guilty I contributed money to this con of a charity, to think my money has been misused when it could have actually helped a dog in need elsewhere.

I do not feel guilty about re-homing my beautiful dogs though.

Something must be done about this so called charity!!

Patsy Jones

Wespoke in December via emails re Ty Agored. The situation there appears to be getting worse. I rang in June saying I had just moved to the area on a smallholding and wanted 2 dogs and 2/3 cats. Was told by a member of staff they had 3 dogs and 5 cats. I had heard this before, but so many rumours about this place, wanted to check it myself. Couldn't believe it. After doing voluntary work there over a period of ten years and seeing 200 to 300 cats, 80-120 dogs at any one time, nothing ever refused, to be reduced to this shambles is very upsetting and i suspect illegal.

I have written to the charities commission regarding the 5 or 6 charity shops they have, asking what's happening to the money if its meant to go to waifs and strays and why have they got little or no animals, when people like myself rescue cats, dogs, horses and are bombed out with the overspill, because Ty agored are not doing what they are supposed to do. DUTY OF CARE.

I welcome ALF views Ann something has to be done. Rspca (who) have been advised of the situation, they've done nothing!!! surprise.

Charity commission have been advised by various over a period of time and too date they have done nothing or acknowledged the letter to some of us.

No wonders the shell of this sanctuary is like a graveyard when the authorities don't give a toss.

October 2009

I rescued my cat from Ty Agored a year ago. His owner had left him and his sister at the sanctuary. Apparently she was an old lady and 'didn't get on with them'. His estimated age at the time was about 5 months, but who knows really. I wasn't given any information about him, they didn't even know if he was neutered (I realised afterwards that all you need to do is take a quick peek!) At the time I was a student and had never owned a cat before. Quite frankly I'm not convinced I should have been allowed to take him (although I promise you, I love him very much and have taken very good care of him).

The worst thing is, that within a few weeks of getting Cedric he developed a urinary condition. He got crystals in his bladder and started passing blood. The vet seemed to think that is was a pre-existing condition and as time as gone on I have noticed that it recurs whenever he is under great stress. I am willing to bet any money that this condition would have shown itself in the sanctuary. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why he ended up there in the first place (let me tell you, it's an expensive condition). Don't get me wrong, I love my cat and I'm so glad I rescued him from that dark, horrible place, but it just goes to show how little they are actually interested in the well-being of the cats that go through there. Cedric found a good home, but I'm worried about his sister and whether she ever did.

My story is one of the nicer ones that I've heard. Cat finds a nice owner (though cat has an illness). Still, I could have been horrible and they wouldn't have noticed or cared!

Vicky Sheriff

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