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June 12, 2006

anonymous communiqué:

"The Otter and Owl Centre in Hampshire was visited for a second time by Animal Liberation activists.

The pitiful fencing that had been erected after the last visit was removed, and the boar once again given a chance to colonise the New Forest.

The Centre demonstrates an appalling misunderstanding of conservation. We do not learn about wildlife from seeing it caged. An obese deer, and imprisoned lynx is a sight for shame, not education or entertainment.


received anonymously:

"DATE: 07-03-06
TIME: 23-00

For some reason, the otter and owl centre near Totton thinks that wild and native animals are better off in pens, enclosures and cages, than in the wild where they belong.

Everything from wildcats to wildboar are kept in sight of, but separated from, their natural habitat. Presumably they view it as some form as conservation. We view it as a con.

Our target this evening was the boar enclosure.

Within 20 minutes we had sliced through one whole side of the pen, destroying two sets of fencing, and shredding the electrified wires.

Once that there was enough room for the boar to easily depart, we entered the enclosure to goad them out. This proved easier than we had thought, as the sparks and crashes from our handiwork had woken them up.

We grabbed our tools and left, followed by a trail of wild boar.

As we walked back through the woodland, we smiled, knowing that dotted throughout these same woods, the boar would be beginning their lives of

We hope that it will not be long before the New Forest is added to the list of wild boar colonies in the UK.

Always for the animals

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