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(UK) Foie Gras Taken Off the Menu in House of Lords After Animal Rights Campaign

Peers will no longer be able to enjoy foie gras in the comfort of the House of Lords after it was taken off the menu following a campaign by an animal rights group.
The traditional French delicacy is controversial because it is produced by force-feeding geese or ducks with grain for up to a month before they are slaughtered for their swollen livers.

Some peers who backed the ban also wanted to banish the unfortunate image of earls and baronesses �scoffing foie gras� in Parliament while elsewhere in the country ordinary families have had to cut back on their food budgets.

A number of members of the chamber, as well as MPs, backed a call for the ban by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It is no longer served in the Commons.

But until recently, members of the Lords and their guests could enjoy a range of starters in the elegant Barry Room including quail and foie gras at �7.50.

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