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(UK) KFC Animal Rights Campaigner Abandons Protest After Being Pelted with Chicken Wings‏

An animal rights campaigner was forced to abandon a protest outside KFC when he was punched, rugby tackled and pelted with poultry after dressing up as a giant chicken to highlight his cause.
Olly Tyler, 16, arrived for a two-day protest outside his local KFC outlet dressed in a bespoke £600 chicken costume.

He had planned to wave a placard outside the outlets for two days in a bid to deter customers but within hours he was forced to abandon the campaign after diners began hurling sachets of sauce, chicken wings and nuggets at him.

The final straw came when one diner punched him in the head and two men jumped from their car and rugby tackled him to the ground.
Mr Tyler, from Westwood, Wilts., was given money from relatives after doing well in his GCSEs and used it to buy a £600 chicken suit, which was handmade in Paris.

The teenager, who has won an award for his work from PETA, decided to protest outside KFC after reading an article claiming the factory hens are kept in horrific conditions.

He stood outside the restaurant on Spitfire Retail Park on October 12 and spent seven hours receiving a "positive reaction" from passers-by.

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