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Oxford Dons Fight the Lab

[from Oxford Student]

Oxford dons have united for the first time to oppose Oxford's plan for an animal-testing lab. But Pro-Test, the most vocal supporters of the South Parks Road lab, have denounced the group as nothing more than "a front" and "a way to get some media attention". Voice for Ethical Research at Oxford, known as VERO, was founded by Oxford graduate Sharon Howe, who publicly returned her Oxford MA to the University in March 2006 in protest against the lab.

After her stand, and the subsequent media coverage, Howe received correspondence from members of the University, which prompted her to found the group. Howe commended the former and current members of the University who signed an open letter to Vice Chancellor John Hood, blasting him for providing financial support for a process which "subjects animals to considerable pain, stress and lasting harm".
VERO accuses Pro-Test of posting the names of members of the group online, along with derogatory comments, an allegation which Pro-Test vigorously denies. Katherine Morris said, "Part of the problem is that Pro-Test suggests unless you are in favour a pro-lab stance you're against academic freedom, and in favour of the tactics of extremism." She denounced the acts of animal rights extremists, saying "We're not nutters that firebomb things."

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