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NETCU - Harbingers of a Police State


Over the last few years the mainstream media have been hysterical regarding animal rights activists culminating in a climate in which even mainstream pro-animal groups are branded as "terrorist".

In conjunction with the demonisation of an entire movement the Prime Minister has personally attacked animal rights people. The police, under the leadership of NETCU, have arrested many activists. Houses have been raided and savage sentences have been handed down.

Every front page and TV programme has talked of "violence", "harassment", "grave robbing", ad infinitum without bothering to mention the fact that for the last 40 years animal rights people have been subjected to extreme violence (as opposed to the threat of violence).

Four activists have been killed by animal abusers in the UK alone.

It would appear that the public actually believes that rape, murder, child abuse, blackmailing people by stealing and torturing their canine companions, ripping up entire graveyards to build an airport on and blowing children to pieces at George Bush�s behest are all nothing compared to running a campaign against animal abuse if we draw conclusions from the banners headlines and hysterical rants of those tripping over one another to denounce those who dare to suggest that individuals from other species should not be abused.

To be frank the 4 activists accused of the theft of the remains of Gladys Hammond (which none of them has ever been charged with or pleaded guilty to and which is vehemently denied by all of them) would have had less criticism if they had killed someone.

As the media have repeatedly failed to report fairly on the animal rights movement and the police have been given free reign to exaggerate and lie this website intends to put the record straight and inform the public about how the civil liberties of all are being eliminated so that people can look at the situation with some objectivity and make their own minds up. By creating the bogeyman of the typical animal rights activist those who are in power can create new laws which outlaw even the most civilised law abiding protest and lobbying with very little opposition.

Whatever your position on the issue of animal rights there is no reason to assume that the creation of a police state will not affect you at some stage. At present those who oppose the war in Iraq, who oppose animal abuse and those who are thought to be connected with Al Queda are on the receiving end of the full force of the state but why should it stop there? The law right now under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) 2005 virtually outlaws ANY peaceful protest against animal experiments, there is no reason to assume that it will not be extended to encompass other groups who are at loggerheads with Blair�s policies.


We the authors of this website are part of a group of 13 activists who were arrested a couple of weeks ago under SOCPA for allegedly being part of a campaign against a contract testing laboratory called Sequani based in Ledbury. We are individuals and do not claim to represent the group but simply wish to express our concerns. The campaign is decades old and has always consisted of standing on the side of the road with banners and as on many other demonstrations concerning many different causes (including those who support animal testing) people have shouted and handed out leaflets. The only violence has occurred when male security guards have thrown female protestors into oncoming traffic.

All in all this is a small campaign and demonstrations are attended by in the main local people once a week or so, it is not much different to any other demonstration. It is one thing for an activist who chooses to break the law by for instance breaking a window to be arrested, it is quite another for those who stand with banners to have doors kicked in, books, computers, miscellaneous household items, phones, bank statements etc to be taken causing maximum intimidation and disruption, to be questioned on political views and accused of "conspiracy".

In addition NETCU to publicly accused peaceful protestors of being "extremists" and the BBC to regurgitated this nonsense after being spoon fed it and without debate. This should concern anyone who values democracy. Even after this obvious fishing expedition not one person has been charged which is astonishing as the police would have had to have had some sort of "evidence" prior to persuading a magistrate to give them warrants to search properties and arrest people. It would appear that the police arrested people under very dubious circumstances and may well have behaved illegally.

West Mercia police have tried to crack down on all animal rights protests in this area and numerous complaints are pending with the Independent Police Complaints Commission and MPs. Furthermore they have virtually ignored crimes against animals and animal rights people and have failed miserably to enforce the Hunting Act 2004 and public order legislation when applied to those who hunt or experiment on animals have threatened and attacked animal rights people. In the local area crimes concerning the gross abuse of dogs go unsolved and badger baiters can enjoy their peverted activities unchallenged. It would be wrong to say that every police officer enjoys this state of affairs and some individuals have been fair and professional, but the general policy of West Mercia police to crush dissent must be resisted every step of the way.

We encourage feedback from all concerned in this matter including police officers, judges, politicians and journalists. All we really want is the right to stand with banners by the side of the road peacefully demonstrating against the horrors of vivisection without the threat of prosecution . It is a legacy for which countless people have suffered horrific deaths, torture and imprisonment to hand down to us, we have no intention of allowing our rulers to eradicate our imperfect but hard fought democracy.

Finally none of us in the UK at this present time have any excuse to be afraid of the state which does not as yet torture or kill its citizens on a regular basis. We really are in spite of police oppression in a vastly superior position to most activists worldwide when it comes to being able to campaign for what we believe in and therefore have an awesome responsibility to continue regardless of what might happen to us. It is us here in the UK and other "free" countries who are best placed to challenge those who are profiting from the slaughter of the Earth and her children.

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