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Contact Mace Ltd. about the Oxford Lab

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 Mace LTD. 
 Re: The Oxford Primate Lab! 

Mace/Mace Plus LTD. have been building the new primate laboratory in Oxford, or so Speak, the campaign group fighting to stop the new lab from opening, believe is the likely case. Unfortunately an injunction was taken out against Speak from exercising free speech on this issue.  

For now at least Speak can�t talk about this. I am not Speak! So, let�s talk about Mace/Mace Plus LTD.  When the first lot of builders pulled out, it seemed that it put work to a grinding halt. Could the current lot pulling out prevent the oxford lab from even being built? 

If they are the builders then we need to get into communication with the company and let them know that we are against their involvement.

Sample Letter

Dear Mace LTD, 

If you are involved in the Oxford University Plans to build a primate laboratory, please end all involvement. What Oxford is planning to do is not something an ethical company would want to be involved with.  

I am not advocating an end to medical research, all that I ask is that we use modern, ethical testing methods, which do not involve animals. If you have any questions about testing that does not involve animals, please let me know. 

I look forward to your reply,

So here is some contact information: 


Atelier house

64 Pratt Street


NW1 0LF 


Mace Plus  


As Above 


Phone: 020 73 91 08 00  

Fax: 020 75 54 8 404 

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