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Longdog Liberation - August 8th, 2006

Longdog Liberation

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006


Welcome to the second edition of Longdog Liberation and apologies for a couple of typos that occurred in early issues of the first one. A result of trying to put it together at 4 o'clock in the morning! The Seaham Slaughterer is, of course, called David Smith, not John (apologies to all the John Smiths out there and hope we don't have to write to every one of them individually!) and the meeting point for the Save the Greyhounds Gathering will be Rastell Avenue, not Road (more info below).

Save the Greyhounds Gathering

Additional information

As stated in the previous issue of Longdog Liberation, "We intend this to be a gentle, enjoyable event, for human and canine participants alike, but with an important message for the government, the public and the greyhound racing industry".

This is not, repeat not, a demonstration outside Lord Lipsey's home. It is a peaceful gathering in a public park, where he will be able to see us, at some distance, from his upstairs window, if he should care to look.

There will be no mass protest outside Lipsey's house. A small delegation will deliver to him a polite letter from Greyhound Action. We also hope that participants at the Gathering will bring wreaths and flowers in memory of the slaughtered greyhounds and that the police will allow people to go in turn, individually or in small numbers, to lay these outside his garden fence.

After the serious side of the event is over, both human and canine participants will be able to socialise and enjoy themselves in the park.

We're happy to say there has already been a great deal of interest in this vitally important event, with people even coming from the USA and other countries to attend. Please do your best to be there yourself, with rescued greyhounds and anti dog racing banners and placards, if possible. And do let us know if you intend to be there (send your message to, so we can get some idea of numbers.

As we've said previously, we're encouraging participants, if possible, to bring along rescued greyhounds (other types of dog are very welcome too) and anti greyhound racing banners and placards. In relation to these, it really is the more, the merrier, so if you don't have any already, why not have a go at making some? Ideas for slogans are Say No to Greyhound Racing, You Bet....They Die, Kill Greyhound Racing...Not Greyhounds, Running for their Lives, Dying to Entertain You, Boycott Greyhound Racing, and we're quite sure there are many others that you could think up.

Posters and flyers advertising the Gathering will be available shortly. Please contact us, if you would like some. We would prefer to e-mail these to you in pdf format for you to print out yourselves, but can also put some in the post to you, if you are unable to print them.


Not washing quite so white

We've received the message below from a supporter.

We only had 3 idiots -- one guy asked if we were selling greyhounds. Another thought Smith was on to a good thing!!! And another was a horrible woman who trained greyhounds. She had the cheek to say " I hope you don't say all greyhound trainers are bad". I had a rather heated debate with her when she announced she was taking a greyhound to be PTS today due to his injuries. A rather large crowd gathered around and to be honest I tried to keep composed, but was boiling inside. Some of the pathetic statements the trainer came out with was just making her look ignorant and only interested in a profit. Anyhow, a lovely lady started having a go at this trainer too and we sent her away with a flea in her ear. A number of people, who had been watching, came over and signed our petition and said they just didn't realise what this atrocious industry stood for (and they gave us a donation!).

Louise founded Greyhound Action in 1997 and, despite having been born with a walking disability that frequently confines her to a wheelchair, she has campaigned steadfastly (and vociferously!) on behalf of greyhounds and other animals for the past twenty years. Her ideas and inspiration have played a huge part in making GA such an effective campaigning organisation and have led directly to many of the successes we have achieved.

In recent months her health has deteriorated alarmingly and it has now been discovered that she has an advanced form of hyperthyroidism that has become so severe as to be life-threatening. This illness is relatively common amongst women and correct testing could have discovered that she suffered from it years ago. The fact that this was not done has resulted in her being close to heart-failure and now means she must undergo a prolonged course of treatment to get well again. So much for our wonderful health system, but then we all know this government would rather spend the money on producing arms, going to war on behalf of George W. Bush and supporting vivisection.

Please feel free to forward/crosspost/circulate this newsletter.

Tony Peters, Greyhound Action


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