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Live Export UK: Rally Success

Compassion in World Farming - Rally Success! Supporters on the rally bus

It has always been clear to Compassion that the British public do not support the live export of farm animals. Today the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the National Farmers' Union received that message in a way they couldn't possibly miss. A crowd gathered outside their offices in Smith Square in London at 11am, complete with placards, banners, masks and a double decker bus!

Following your amazing responses to our calls to action, live exports for slaughter or further fattening were suspended at Ramsgate and then at Ipswich.

Every day that passes without the trade is another victory. But we know we can't rest; the suspension at Ramsgate is currently under legal challenge and transporters are constantly seeking new ports. It is thanks to your generous support that we are able to keep fighting this trade; through public action like today's rally, and through extensive monitoring and lobbying of those in power.

We must get the live export of British animals ended permanently. Today we handed over messages to Defra calling on them to play their part and we'll be handing a petition to the NFU in the coming days ' but it is not too late to add your voice.

Dil Peeling speaking at the rally

Compassion worked together with the RSPCA, KAALE and TALE to organise a rally outside Defra and the NFU's offices.

Demand Defra Ends Live Export Demand Defra Ends Live Export

We will continue to send your messages and collect signatures until live exports are officially and permanently gone from Britain. If you have already taken action, please consider asking your friends to do the same. Every single person who stands up against live export increases the pressure on this cruel trade.

You can get your friends involved by forwarding this email, or by sharing these links:

Together we have dealt this trade a mighty blow and together we can banish it from Britain for good.

Thank you,

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James West
Campaign Manager

  James West

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