GEORGE WEEK OF ACTION: Monday 4th September - Saturday 9th September

Meet 12 noon, Saturday 9th September
The Church of St. Michael, Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1 3EY

Kidnapped... Imprisoned... Blinded... Killed by Oxford University

Most people are probably aware of the sad life of George and the terrible abuse he was forced to endure at the hands of Oxford University vivisectors. George was almost certainly kidnapped from the wild. He could have come from a number of different countries; perhaps it was from the tundra of Tanzania or it could have been the sugar plantations of Mauritius or in the jungles of Indonesia and China. The truth is however, George never got to see that homeland again. Instead, he ended up inside the laboratories of Oxford University where he was to die after years of abuse by a university vivisector.

The information about George comes from the Oxford University professor who was responsible for the abuse. Interestingly, the same professor was investigated by the police in 2004 for cruelty to a monkey he was experimenting on. Of course no charges were brought against the man who has worked at Oxford University for the past 30 years.

The vivisector concerned related the information about George to an assembled group he was talking to. He told his audience that they had named the monkey 'George', and then went on to detail the types of injuries he had personally inflicted on this poor innocent creature. At one point George's eyes had extensive injuries caused to them, creating lesions for the purpose of the experiment. The account told by the vivisector is even more obscene when one takes into account that the vivisector then started to laugh as he went on with his story, telling the assembled group that after having blinded George, part of the experiment then included taking George out into the University Park.

The week of action will extend from Monday the 4th September through to Saturday 9th September. No matter where you are in the country or even the world you can take part in this important week of action against the animal abusers working inside Oxford University. The week of action will culminate in a mass leafleting session on Saturday 9th September in the centre of Oxford in order to inform the Oxford public of the atrocities taking place inside the university and to inform people as to exactly how their taxpayer's money is being spent.

Over the next 2 weeks we will be posting information that will allow you to organise your own events in whatever area you might live, including information for our International supporters. However, if you are able, please also come to Oxford on Saturday 9th September in order to leaflet, so that the truth about the horrors inflicted on George and thousands of other animals like George can be told.

Remember, Oxford University and their friends in the Government don't want the public to know the truth and they have tried to silence the anti vivisection message. It's vital that we get that message out to the public. The truth is what the vivisectors fear, so let's expose the vivisectors of Oxford University and let's not forgot the suffering of George and millions like him.

Meet 12 noon, Saturday 9th September
The Church of St. Michael
Cornmarket Street
Oxford OX1 3EY

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