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Felix, revealed in video by Oxford University

Oxford University reveals their latest victim

In an extraordinary move Oxford University have exposed to the world the real nature of animal abuse inside this world renowned institution.

In what would appear to be an own goal on the part of Oxford University, the university late last year opened their doors to a BBC2 film crew. It is clear that the university were hoping for a PR coup as they showed the willing and rather gullible documentary film maker Adam Wishart around one of their vivisection laboratories which the showed the sanitized, 'acceptable' face of vivisection that vivisectors want the public to see.

The BBC 2 documentary called 'Monkeys, Rats and Me', largely focussed on the work of the vivisector Tipu Aziz, and in particular focussed on one monkey who Tipu Aziz had named Felix. Perversely Felix's soon to be tormentors have given him a name which in Latin means 'happy'. It is believed his naming is a so called 'in joke' by Oxford University vivisectors.

For the first time in the UK, and probably worldwide, a vivisection establishment, namely Oxford University, have exposed the name, photographs and videos of the non human animal they intend to abuse over a period of several years. They even disclosed in the film what form the abuse would take.

In the film Felix was shown strapped to a restraining chair, being conditioned by Oxford University technicians for his future life of research. For the camera, Felix's 'conditioning' was allowed to take place 'on his own terms: the technicians did not force him to sit in the restraint chair or to come out of his cage if he appeared reluctant. However, those who have themselves witnessed the harsh realities of life in the laboratory when working undercover and released their stories and their evidence to the wider public would say that this was a falsified representation of what goes on in laboratories, and biased media coverage at its most blatant. It is not surprising then to find out that the producer of the so called documentary was David Henshaw, a journalist who in the 1980's had written a book called 'Animal Warfare' which purported to be story of the Animal Liberation Front but in reality was a work of pure fiction.

The BBC2 documentary reported that Felix was destined to undergo invasive surgery on his brain. The Home Office licence granted for the long-term experiments on Felix allows the infliction of severe/substantial suffering. It is also known that once the experiments on Felix are completed, the university intend on killing him.

SPEAK Campaigns, the group campaigning against the building of Oxford's new animal experiments lab on South Parks Road, has begun a campaign to get Felix released. They have arranged for a sanctuary to care for him and have conducted numerous demos in London and Oxford to raise awareness. They have also added a page entitled "Fighting for Felix" on their website, which includes a short video entitled 'Felix: Victim of Oxford University", a petition, articles, and downloadable campaign materials.

SPEAK's website states, "For 3 years now SPEAK have been fighting Oxford University's plans to build a new animal lab. Thus far what we had been fighting was a concept, bricks and mortar if you like. Felix brings the individual living being into this fight."

The website goes on to say, "At this moment, we are unsure how long Felix will be allowed to live. It could be that his life will closely resemble the pitiful lives of the 'Oxford two', two macaques who were surgically brain damaged and forced to endure 15 years of abuse, incarcerated inside Oxford University's laboratories. One thing is for certain, however: if we don't act now, Felix will never see the outside world or his own kind again. Felix will live, will be abused and will ultimately die never having experienced the freedoms, which are his birthright."

For further information about Felix and to view the video, please visit . To view the petition for Felix, please go to .

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