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Fake fox hunt aims to stop animal cruelty

Fake fox hunt aims to stop animal cruelty

By Connie Osborne
22 October 2012

A Fake fox hunt will be flooding through the high street tomorrow (Tuesday).
At 11.00am, staff from the toiletry shop Lush, will be dressing up as foxes, animal rights protesters, red coat hunters and police, as they perform the ultimate hunt stunt on Evesham Walk.

The store, based in the Kingfisher, is supported by the Hunt Saboteurs Association which aims to protect wild animals from being hunted. And the protest aims to raise awareness of wildlife crime and the police commissioner elections which are set to take place in three weeks.

A spokeswoman for Lush said the public think the police will turn a blind eye to wildlife crime and the newly elected Police Commissioner will be setting budgets and priorities, one of which should be protecting animals from cruelty.

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