August 2008


BRILLIANT NEW WEBSITE FOR DOGS AT RISK IN UK-The site describes itself as:
This website has been set up to assist dog rescue charities, organisations and rescue groups. We aim to to do this by helping to find foster homes/forever homes or rescue spaces for At Risk dogs in UK pounds, but also to help any dogs that are currently in kennels at rescue organisations, and are looking for foster care or permanent homes.

See the site here http://www.dogrescu (It has only just gone online, and will continue to be worked on while it's live).

SWAP team UK have received the appeal below from our dear friend and supporter Cathy who would like us to promote this wonderful new website helping dogs at risk and in danger of put to sleep in the UK.

Contact Cathy at [email protected] .org if you would like to join this group and help in any way you can or would like to send your appeals for dogs in danger.

Good luck Cathy and thank you to all those that can support her in this wonderful work. We all know that networking with other like minded people can create miracles and precious lives can be saved.

Best wishes
SWAP team UK

It's still work in progress, so a lot more will be added, plus more rescue centres in other areas.
Also, whatever appeals you want to send, just add the above email address to your address book, and I'll put it on the site.

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