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anonymous report:

"Martin (Marty) Hatton thought he could avoid the ARM. He couldn't. Martin is a 'Pest Controller' who has been a key killer for the Gloucestershire Badger Cull. He thinks he's been clever and evaded surveillance. Unfortunately for Martin he's not very clever at all.

We've tailed him from his home on many occasions. Sometimes to his clients and other times to his badger cull rounds. I'm sure Samantha would be very interested to know that he's not always out killing animals when he leaves his house at 16 The Nurdens, Woohope, HR1 4RG. Maybe she'd like the pictures of who he has been cheating on her with?

If you want to keep an eye out for Martin then he has the following vehicles: N754 ARW and Y391HVW they would both look a lot better if keyed in a carpark. The Land Rover might not be driving very well since we accidently poured sand into the fuel tank. The car's locks are pretty shoddy, Marty, you might want to get that looked at before something else happens.

Martin runs his mobile number is 07500 036281 or if you want a chat with Samantha while he's out killing badgers or seeing his other woman you can phone 01432 860750."


received anonymously:

"In the 2013 badger cull in Gloucestershire the cull company, Gloscon, hired a private security company to protect the gunmen and transport the dead badgers to the DEFRA receiving centre. Without these security operators the cull would not have gone ahead. The people involved thought that once the cull was over they would be able to go back to their normal lives and forget about it. Wrong. If you are involved in the badger cull we will track you down, we will not stop just because the cull is over and we will destroy you economically. Those we have tracked down have talked and given information on others involved rather than face the music themselves.

It was simple to track down the former badger cull security company Armur Security Ltd and the idiot who ran it Arron Murphy.

Murphy tried to stall in giving us the information (and lie to us) and so we have released his name here. We could quite easily have destroyed his new get rich quick scheme of selling rubbish coffee to idiots but once he realised who he was dealing with he sang like a canary and provided some extremly valuable information on others involved in the cull. Because of the information he provided we will now leave him alone and wont destroy either his coffee get rich quick scheme or his modelling career (who's a pretty boy then). Arron is still trying to put himself forward as a bodyguard but who would want a bodyguard who gives up all his clients info and then begs to be left alone.

What will Gloscon do when they realise the people they hired to provide security have actually given us more informtation on the cullers than we could ever have imagined? As the saying goes you get what you pay for and Gloscon paid for a bunch of posing wannabes.

We are people of our word, Arron, and as you provided great information we will not release the details we had on you and as promised won't be informing the taxman of your illegal accountancy practices. If you had not tried to be the big man to start with we would not have released your name here. We told you the consequences.

We now have significant info on the badger killers and will be dealing with them. Thanks to Arron we have many leads.

If you want to laugh at the idiot you can see him posing or any of the NRG Fuel events.

To the rest of the badger killers and enablers, we are watching."


anonymous report:

"Today we superglued a sainsburys cashpoint near hanham in
bristol. We did this as they sell milk from the badger cull zones despite
being asked not to! We hear the animal rights militia are planning to start
poisoning sainsburys milk within the next few days if sainsburys do not
stop selling milk from the zones. We hope for all concerned that they stop
soon! Any individual or business involved in the cull needs to stop now or
start shitting themselves!"


received anonymously:

"Recently we visited the Sainsburys supermarket at the top of Gloucester road in
Bristol. There is a campaign asking Sainsburys to stop selling milk from the
badger cull areas. Sainsburys don't appear to be listening. We glued up their
cashpoint by putting a stor
e loyalty card covered in super glue in to the
machine-the card was swallowed and will have stuck to the inside of the machine costing thousands of pounds to fix. We hear rumours that other groups are planning much more exciting actions so we urge sainsburys, for the safety of your staff and customers, to stop selling milk from the cull zones. We will attack
any business or individual involved in the cull in any way we can. As the start
of the cull draws close we need to step things up and we will punish all
involved - maybe not today,maybe not this week but at some point we will come
for you. You have chosen this but you can walk away from it anytime...pull out
of the cull or else!


anonymous report:

"64 hens liberated from an intensive caged unit in the south of england, this action is dedicated to all those activists suffering state repression in the u.s.a and europe. until all are free. alf"


received anonymously:

"In early July, 2015, in a wood, deep in the countryside of the South West we found one of the many pheasant enclosures in the area. A 7ft high wire mesh fence, surrounded by electric wire, estimated at about 30m wide, 60m long. We took out our boltcutters and snipped away at the electric wire, the wire to the clip that attached it to the power source and several areas of the wire mesh fence, in total we flattened an entire 30m long side of the enclosure. We then found an empty tank with a tube that went under the fence, we snapped the tube off the tank and cut it open. We then found a shooting platform with 3 legs. We pushed cotton wool, fire lighter sticks and sponges in the foundations of 2 of the legs and dowsed them with nail polish remover, which is just as good of an incendiary as petrol. We lit it and exited the scene. We have no idea if the fire burned itself out without causing any lasting damage, or if the flames turned the whole thing to ashes. We can hope.

People pay big money to shoot pheasants released from an enclosure in the line of shooters. Should they reach the borders without yet suffering the bullet they would be met by 'beaters' who scare them, confuse them by hitting the ground with sticks and lessen their chance of escape.

All animals feel fear and pain. It is for the animals that we wage this attack. Even in the most rural of areas, outside of the Badger Cull zones we will find these genocidal maniacs.

PS. We are aware of the strong possibility that this sort of action occurs around the UK much of the time and does not get reported."

June 30, 2015 - 120 HENS FREED

anonymous report:

"120 battery hens liberated from a farm unit in norfolk, england, all hens have now been rehomed to caring homes where they can live out the rest of their lives free from fear and abuse. until all are free"


anonymous report:

"in mid june 80 hens were liberated from an intensive caged unit in southern england. all now safely rehomed. alf"


anonymous report:

"Animal testing company Covance were one of the local businesses who contributed a scarecrow to a 'summer scarecrow stroll' in Harrogate, England.

We modified the scarecrow to let the public know what Covance really get up to."

April 20, 2015 - 67 HENS LIBERATED

reported anonymously:

"67 hens liberated from an intensive farm unit in the south of england, all hens have new homes and they can live out the rest of their lives free from fear and suffering.
This raid is dedicated to the memory of our good friend and comrade Gilly Peachey a great fighter for animal liberation.
Until all are free"


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